Tmall double eleven bring sequelae

before the revolution of 1911, Sun Zhongshan in overseas lobbying to persuade the revolution, people first advice quickly from the education income, progressive education, Sun Zhongshan bluntly too time-consuming, and personal life. Five years after the revolution of 1911, the movement of the 54 began to spread from education. Mao Zedong has a clear understanding on this point, he said: ten thousand years too long, seize the day. Therefore, after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the great changes, mass production and great sports have made a perfect interpretation of the poem.

I do not intend to comment on politics, but personally, I love going to instant success, love is better than a step step by step. In my opinion, Tmall double eleven is the latter. Think of two eleven words we can think of is that time, price and volume. West Lake Dry Diapers, bra become cumulative hill. These three key words exactly caused the Tmall double eleven sequelae.

consumer sequelae

during the Tmall eleven, living in the forefront of sales are mostly necessities, such as home daily, bedding, health supplies, etc.. The amount of supplies used in a given period of time is basically fixed. Therefore, the double eleven, is the overdraft of the necessities of consumption. This is one. Second, in the past 5 years, China’s urban residents disposable income grew at an average annual rate of around 7%, while in recent years, the double period of, electricity supplier sales grew by double. We immediately in accordance with the North Canton such a large city to the extreme, the average income growth of about 13%. Electricity supplier sales significantly higher than the growth in income levels. The reason why we will compare these two data, because online shopping in the purchase of the channel has occupied a certain proportion. It can be predicted that the next eleven double so amazing growth data is not sustainable. That is, the ability to double the eleven residents of the overdraft. Third, the double eleven, Tmall experience accumulated over the years to help enhance the consumer experience, as Ma said, Tmall is also in order to enhance the experience of self control sales growth. However, according to the author of the shopping experience in Tmall, low-cost high-quality products, indeed make shopping utility maximization, even more than expected. After Tmall double eleven, for many products, or that the price is expensive, or that the quality just passable. In other words, double the actual consumer spending eleven psychological expectations. This is the third.

manufacturers sequelae

five years ago, when the launch of double eleven, Taobao sellers think this is just another sort of marketing activities, but five years later, the double eleven Carnival feast has become a merchant. The fact that the B2C model is more suitable for double eleven, rather than C2C. Manufacturers from the double eleven Carnival realized two points: first, bypassing dealers, the same can sell goods to consumers, and lower than the cost of investment or direct. Second, product sales and brand building can be synchronized by electricity providers. This is just in line with the appetite of the electricity supplier, as early as the B2B model has just been produced, the electricity supplier Ping

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