Ten suggestions to let Wanda O2O on the right track

The ultimate goal of

[review] Wanda may assume by establishing an integral system to build a new "monetary system", and establish RMB Tongdui rules between consumers and businesses.

Wen / Tang Bing

said Wanda O2O, it is each one according to his lights! I believe that strong capital strength and huge resources space, but the key is that Mr Wang Jianlin’s determination and confidence, Wanda can overcome the traditional business transformation brought a series of difficulties. But the profit of demanding and ignored user experience will also become the most deadly mishap for Wanda O2O. Many buy site that is because of the online crazy discount erode the interests of businesses, the user does not rise or fall below the line user experience, have died. Since the layout of Wanda O2O, the continuous adjustment of personnel, the profit model is vague, the continued micro marketing experience, but also confirms the author’s concerns.

, Wanda O2O market goals can not simply be positioned as the square diversion

at present, in addition to Wanda online build Wan Wan exchange network and exchange APP, online distribution is free Wi-Fi, indoor navigation, traffic monitoring etc.. In this regard, the current Wanda is still inclined to diversion a little more square, the original intention of the operation seems to be associated with the improvement of the square rent. However, from the future of Wanda’s expectations and long-term concerns of their commercial real estate, the current diversion model can not solve the problem of the development of Wanda strategy, but also can not meet the boss of the big Wanda plan O2O. To this end, Wanda’s O2O system or to build a platform to integrate resources from the next line, the establishment of the O2O platform is the ultimate goal of wanda.

two, Wanda O2O should be the establishment of the best platform for connecting people and services

at the moment, the platform has to buy, booking, coupons, vertical rent, tourism, etc.. From the perspective of schema Wanda, should be based on local service platform mode, but the localization is limited to Wanda Plaza corner. And build a O2O platform, at least to include points, CRM, LBS, reviews, reservations and concessions, etc.. Wanda to do is put these functions together to connect people and services – to help people find specific services, is the online consumer decision, can provide preferential information, convenient services for consumers; connecting line is focused on businesses and businesses (the integral operation), connecting people and services (consumer experience). Connecting people and businesses (membership management), connecting businesses and services (payment).

three, Wanda O2O should be Offline to to Offline (line to the next line to the next line)


know, find, use, say, this is the most simple marketing process. Wanda speaking, is to allow consumers to make decisions because of reputation and credit, found by LBS, by the consumer, pay and get points and become members, and finally because of the ultimate consumer experience >

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