The agency is open shop, stay-at-home mom can thousand

as a stay-at-home mom, my initial idea still stays in a level, for the rice tea daily necessaries was busy, there seems to be no private time and space. In those days, oneself also can in the workplace capability, all aspects of performance are more prominent, is also a professional workplace. But since married, people thought after the mother, wife, husband or child child life in addition to her husband, but gradually, I found myself seem to have been out of touch with society, to keep up with the pace of society.

although the husband’s income is also considered rich, but I also hope to be able to be like the same year, riding the workplace, there is a work of their own. However, because the child is still small, but also need to spend more time and mind to take care of the child, so I can only work on the principle of proximity, in the vicinity of home to find a good job. Looking for a lot of companies, and found their professional counterparts work too far away from home, close to home as if he is not interested.

is still troubled by the work of the time, a friend suggested that Taobao might be able to take care of the family, but also to have a job. Although he is a Taobao hand chop party, but suddenly do Taobao, become a member of the seller, I also have many are not familiar with, do not understand, at a loss.

in her husband’s support and encouragement, I decided to try it for yourself. But who would have thought, then just try holding the idea to do Taobao, persist, has now achieved a monthly income of over a million. Below, share my experience and Thoughts on Taobao.

and the majority of the new Taobao have the same trouble, at the beginning of the time I was also struggling to sell what, where to find the source, to choose which logistics company, to consider where the most convenient warehouse located. Secondly, I know myself when Taobao shopping, will pay more attention to the credibility of the shop and commodity evaluation, so in thinking about a Taobao seller, I also worry about your store no credit, how to go on. Again, his shop decoration design is not a cold, I do not know what kind of decoration style Taobao shop to attract consumers.

based on the above problems, let me almost to give up the Taobao store, is a virtual recharge software that I find the confidence and hope. The use of virtual Taobao, more tangled problem. Don’t need smoothly done or easily solved, also do not need to supply, warehousing and logistics, as long as a recharge software, you can easily achieve shop. Do not know can add my QQ2813217134 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.


said virtual prepaid Taobao stores little profit, but do not underestimate this little difference in the recharge service, 24 hours vending automatic delivery, each time has a turnover of one thousand or two thousand a month, really can be said, not a waste of effort. In fact, my agent is the largest source of income is to sell the software, the first month, sold 8 sets of rack, plus recharge >

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