To build electricity supplier or channel China manufacturing industry under the new normal relief

National Bureau of statistics September 18 to the public in August 2015 China’s manufacturing PMI was 49.7%. PMI index is an important indicator of economic development of an economy. The PMI index for the ups and downs of 50 line, when the PMI is greater than 50, indicating that economic development, when the PMI is less than 50, indicating the economy in recession, also shows that the traditional manufacturing enterprises operating conditions of the general downturn.

decline in the manufacturing sector to bear the brunt of

data show that in 2015 of August, China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 49.7%, down from the previous month by 0.3 percentage points, down below the critical point.

enterprise scale, large enterprises PMI was 49.9%, down 0.7 percentage points, the first time this year to fall below the critical point; medium PMI was 49.8%, down 0.2 percentage points below the critical point, small and medium enterprises; PMI was 48.1%, 1.2 percentage point rise from last month, continue to shrink at the interval however, the contraction amplitude decreased. From the classification index, in the 5 classification index constitute the manufacturing PMI, production index and supplier delivery time index continues to be higher than the critical point, the new orders index, employment index and raw materials inventory index is still below the critical point.

production index was 51.7%, down from the previous month by 0.7 percentage points higher than the critical point, indicating that manufacturing production continued to maintain the momentum of expansion, but the slowdown. The new orders index was 49.7%, down 0.2 percentage points, two consecutive months at the critical point is that manufacturing market demand continues to weaken.

pulling China’s three GDP investment, export and consumption at the same time, is a direct cause of China’s manufacturing industry PMI decline. The traditional engine of growth is accelerated failure, China take what to stable growth? In the 2015 world economic forum annual meeting, Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech entitled "the maintenance of peace and stability, promote structural reform, foster the development of new energy" of the opening speech. Li Keqiang explained that China’s economy into the new normal, the economy from high growth to rapid growth, the development must be from the low-end level to the high-end level. In order to support the "double high", he proposed to cultivate new engines and create entrepreneurial innovation transformation and upgrading of traditional engine "double engine", let Chinese economic stability Zhiyuan line.

electricity supplier hopes to build a new economic growth under the new engine

in "my net" as the representative of the electricity providers to build, because it is a solution for the manufacturing enterprise tailor-made package business, is expected to become the core issue of cultivating new engine and innovation to create entrepreneurial innovation and upgrading of traditional engine "double engine", undertake the important mission of enterprise innovation and transformation, to help manufacturing enterprises operating difficulties, to a new level, and enhance the global competitiveness.

called build electricity supplier, also known as the enterprise to build e-commerce platform, is the production / manufacturing industry giants in order to get rid of third >

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