Talk about how to increase their exposure to micro shop

is also a star, some people have been in the limelight, some people will soon breathe. So, why are these stars like meteors fleeting, disappeared in the people’s vision of it? In fact, in addition to its star gas works less and less, ideas and other reasons, the bigger reason is that their exposure rate is too low, and less able to enter the public eye. A long time, the existence of a sense of decline, the public or fans naturally forget their existence.

star so, micro shop also. If after we register the micro shop, usually simply to their friends in the circle to send several micro store link, and then hold "buyers will Everfount home shopping" the idea of "free riding", this kind of behavior can only be the result of micro shop put up the shutters".

micro shop to establish its own brand, it is necessary to increase the exposure rate, take the "viral marketing" the way to send information to promote their own, a day, a month, a year, the so-called quantitative cause a qualitative change, the exposure rate up, you hear more and more people micro shop, the potential buyers of you there are more and more buyers, a micro shop, the business of natural fire up.

can be said that the number of people to open micro shop, but the real strength of the people who are still a lot of success. In fact, as long as our intentions, others’ success is completely copied. Since the micro shop needs more appearances, so that more people know it (of course, this is the premise of the micro store to success), then we need to do a good job in the micro shop publicity, in order to increase the exposure rate of the micro shop.

because most micro shop sellers are at the beginning of new micro store industry, for the micro Temple of the publicity and promotion work is not very understanding, so it is necessary to introduce some channels to promote micro shop, make a reference for you to micro shop sellers. (see Figure 1)


1 is divided into promotion

In addition to

by WeChat, QQ and micro-blog etc. for promotion, micro shop sellers can also micro shop "into the promotion of its own function and product promotion task to those who are good at promoting the master. Of course, after the sale of goods, the owners need to pay a certain commission to promote them. The store owner can set up their own commission based on their own profit margins, general. The proportion of cases is l0%.

2 micro shop alliance

is the so-called "unity is strength", personal strength is limited, and the strength of the team is huge. In addition to relying on their own strength, the micro shop seller can also find the like-minded people through the micro shop alliance this camp, of course, the goal is to do with their own micro shop products related to the friendship store. After the establishment of an ally, the two sides can help each other to promote micro shop, which is a win-win approach to promote, it is worth learning.

3 other ways

WeChat, QQ and micro-blog

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