Empty packages in online stores a survey of insider trading in E-commerce



early in May 24th this year, taobao.com admits the supervision of such stores the difficulty is not small. Taobao.com said, "empty package" behavior of the fictitious commodity shipping information, behavior is extremely subtle, its purpose is to circumvent Taobao false trading supervision system, especially the plot bad! Said the announcement, if found similar behavior of other courier companies, will verify and deal with a family.

intern reporter Duan Qianqian

reporter Zhen Zhang Beijing reported

since September in Beijing city of Chaoyang District, Ms. Zhang began to receive the "fall from the sky" package frequently, a number of overdue delivery from the courier phone and opened to let her very distressed.

after receiving the complaint, the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter found from these open the parcel, express a single machine to play, a unit for the online store, package contents not all all sorts of strange things: a name of hay, a paper clip and the size of the clip, a towel, a hand shell, more simply empty. Ms. Wen realized that his address was used to malicious brush shop online.

in July 21st this year, Taobao announced that the proposed rules and the implementation of the rules and regulations of the implementation of the false transaction to further modify and refine. After the change of false documents include such a, the seller to provide goods to send documents is actually empty package certificate."

empty package refers to the seller to enhance their false sales, credit for the purpose of sending goods take fictional information, in which the Seller itself or through others to assist in the establishment of false trading order, at the same time, as the false camouflage trading orders of the "authenticity", or by the seller to send goods made to assist others information.

on the one hand, e-commerce continues to win the growth rate of consumer spending, the rapid development of large data industry in the favorable conditions of the policy, on the other hand is the phenomenon of frequent user information leakage. After extensive investigation, twenty-first Century economic news reporter dug up the black chain of empty parcels. But it is difficult to identify the source of information leakage.

empty wrapped black chain

in fact, Ms. Zhang is not the first to receive frequent empty packet courier consumers. As early as 2013, Taobao forum and Tianya community will have the relevant help posts. For example, Taobao Forum on 2014, a post, want to go to the Taobao aftermarket complaints, intelligent robots can not find the problem, the artificial cloud customer service can not solve…… Direct complaints shop is not good, because he wants the order number! Net name as drunk in the thousands of worries, said netizens..

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