Alibaba business group Alipay seven adjustment is not in its columns

Ma Yun

group structure adjustment moves

"seven" appearance, Big Ali new sail

has the responsibility of the Alipay does not belong to the "seven" list

reporter Lu Chun / Lin Yan Ting / drawing

in the industry, Ma like martial arts novels, especially obsessed with Jin Yong’s works are famous. This time, he borrowed the name of Liang Yusheng’s classic novel, the whole out of a "seven Hangzhou", suddenly, the Qian Tang River and the sword.

recently, Ma Ali announced to the staff to send mail: some company’s adjustment for Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Amoy, Ali Ali international business, small business and aliyun seven business group, and by the seven group (called seven) the composition of the group CBBS market system "to enhance the service ability of the enterprise group of users and consumers to ensure security mechanism".

has commented that, in the case of an equity repurchase agreement with YAHOO, and the success of the privatization of the subsidiary B2B, Alibaba group’s new round of the journey started, and directly linked to two blocks, horsepower.

concern is that the Alipay company is not in the "Seven Swords", analysts believe that Ma is very high hopes for Alipay, is not willing to be confined in the field of electronic business.

seven president reports directly to Ma

Ali said, Alibaba B2B of small and medium-sized enterprises, through Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Amoy, and consumers butt up, Ali cloud plays a fundamental role in the open data, eventually forming an organic whole from the consumer to the channel, and then to the manufacturer of CBBS (Consumer to Business to Business to Service partners, namely, consumers, distributors, manufacturers, e-commerce service provider) market system.

7 group, in addition to Ali international business, Ali small business from the Alibaba of B2B company, the other had as an independent subsidiary. In the business group management system, the company will gradually open up business systems, management systems and organizational culture and other aspects.


adjusted group president Jiang Peng respectively (Mitutoyo), Wu Yongming (ashes), Zhang Yong (happy child), Zhang Yu (Yuyan) and Wu Minzhi, Ye Peng and Wang Jian (micro-blog). The seven presidents are reporting directly to ma.

Alipay has gone, not in the seven

is compelling, the original Alibaba B2B business was opened to support Taobao. Ali Ali international business and small business have China best manufacturers, the best raw materials procurement, industrial products, parts suppliers and service providers, the final four platform with Taobao system through the Internet, a supply chain collaboration platform. >

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