Double 11 online shopping Carnival again Tmall, Jingdong, the United States,’s new situation

A5 ( 11.11 station network at 15:29 pm news, Tmall double eleven of the total transaction volume has exceeded 40 billion, 13:31 today, Tmall double eleven transactions to break last year double eleven transaction records: 36 billion 200 million yuan. Jingdong said that the order has reached 2.4 times the same period last year……

preheating, carnival, follow up, continued broke the news, let us look at several major electricity supplier website as of the current transaction dynamics.

Tmall dual eleven


2014 double 11, double 11 online shopping is the first Alibaba listed on the big promotion, the industry rating will once again refresh the world’s largest shopping day transaction records, Facts speak louder than words.: breaking the first 1 billion within three minutes; 5 minutes 17 seconds, the total turnover of over 2 billion yuan; 14 minutes and 02 seconds, breaking 5 billion mark; 38 minutes 28 seconds, the total turnover above 10 billion yuan, which accounted for 45.5% of turnover wireless; 7 hours 36 minutes and 6 seconds, wireless turnover of over 10 billion yuan; 10 hours and 51 minutes, over 30 billion yuan; 13 hours and 31 minutes, all day long last year the double eleven turnover of 36 billion 200 million yuan.

is super!Tmall

micro-blog official said: everything is just beginning.

15:29, Tmall double eleven total turnover exceeded 40 billion.

electric business group guy and guess: this year may exceed 11 double mark 70 billion. However, from last year’s turnover trend and the gradual decline in the turnover trend, the user has gradually cooled shopping enthusiasm, more than 70 billion, far from so simple, we have to wait and see.

Jingdong dual eleven

Jingdong, double eleven, double eleven big numbers without Tmall frequently rise, but compared to last year, 2.4 times the volume of orders has reached the same period last year, the mobile terminal also orders accounted for more than 3 times last year. 00:00-01:00 user orders amounted to 1 million 80 thousand, 0:00-10:0, mobile phone category growth over 200%, over 170% growth in merchandise category, household appliances category growth over 180%, open platform for growth of more than 170%, more than 140% digital computer category growth…… and double eleven

belong to and sale, huge amount of data is different from Tmall, no less than eleven of the Jingdong of the category of double growth trend this year, the sale will play the service, red, iPhone6, CASIO’s three eye quartz…… All kinds of prizes!



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