TV or raise prices to deal with the ban video to cut off the source of advertising

SARFT banned commercials in the TV series new ripples is expanding, in television advertising executives are headaches, network video has begun to closure of its advertising tourists eager for a fight.

share in media COO Chen Maoxuan opinion, television will likely take advertising price way to deal with the TV commercials ban on many medium brand so will turn to the video ads. Chen Maoxuan in the first financial daily interview is expected: by 2013, the national video advertising market size can reach 10 billion."

according to iResearch data, the growth rate of this year’s video advertising significantly accelerated in the second quarter there has been a growth peak, advertising revenue for the first time exceeded $1 billion, an increase of up to 57.1%. The third quarter is the continuation of the momentum of growth in the previous quarter, advertising revenue reached $1 billion 340 million.

recently, SARFT official below the provisions of the national TV station since January 1, 2012, shall not in any form of TV commercials. Chen Maoxuan believes that this will lead to future TV may do more soft implants, in addition, the TV may also rise. Video advertising has ushered in an opportunity for growth.

some people in the industry view, after the cancellation of the insert ads, other resources into scarce advertising may also have a price or discount adjustment, such as the 1 minutes before the film after the ad. Compared with CCTV, local TV stations and the impact will be greater, more than a dozen professional CCTV channel, TV broadcast time is small than the original, but the other major sources of income or local radio script program form, the impact will be relatively large.

Chen Maoxuan is expected, the future of the brand to make the proportion of online video advertising may be more and more large, especially for the budget is limited to medium-sized brands.

share media CEO Jiang Lan said: "now the video advertising only billions, but the video advertising is the network advertisement and the form of television advertising most close, and has many television advertisements incomparable user and technical advantages, is very optimistic about the prospects. At present, the growth rate of video advertising is about two times faster than the growth rate of Internet advertising."

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