State Post Bureau postal enterprises to accept the inspection of the firm and resolute

, according to Xinhua News Agency recently occurred in Shandong Weifang Yuantong joined the company delivery from Wuhan to Weifang express in unloading and, due to the occurrence of chemicals leak caused casualties, the State Post Bureau announced in December 22nd to carry out acceptance inspection special inspection in the country.

the activities of three key checks. One is the focus of the inspection of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises whether in the presence of the user, to send inspection items; two is the focus of the inspection in accordance with state regulations require the user to provide relevant written documents, postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises would require the user to provide the certificate, and strictly check and so on; the three is the key to check the user experience of refusal see, refused to fill in the details of a single delivery, refuses to provide relevant written documents or not in accordance with the provisions of produce valid identity documents, whether the relevant enterprises refuse acceptance.

for inspection found the recipient does not perform visual inspection system, or acceptance restriction send items in violation of the provisions, be verified, will be severely punished, the rectification must suspend business for rectification, the firm may revoke licenses revoked. Inspection found that the inspection did not receive a copy of the inspection of the express, will not be regarded as the receipt of the inspection, depending on the management responsibilities of the enterprise.

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