Hu Guangcheng CPS back to the B2C whether it is good or bad

recently due to the relationship between work, I usually and many B2C businesses are often linked and communication. In the marketing aspects of the discussion may be more, today I B2C on the electricity supplier marketing aspects of each of us to discuss the next.

said in recent years electronic commerce circle the most exciting thing, but Mo B2C blowout growth, due to the impact of the financial tsunami, many traditional companies are now seeking new home in the survival and growth patterns of market expansion through the network sales platform, the operation of low cost, high output, sales strong brand effect model pursued by numerous enterprises.

however, in this seemingly unpopular appearance behind, many of our companies to go the road of B2C is very difficult. In the construction of the site, the supply chain integration and stocking and inventory has been completed, the rest is through the website, print media promotion. This thing is not the same marketing practices and methods of operation, it is difficult to replicate. Exactly how to promote is indeed a problem in front of our electricity supplier. After PPG failed the painful lessons, summed up the experience of many electricity providers including VANCL, in marketing are more rational, at present many of the major electricity supplier in marketing in the marketing tendency, such as video website, portal website using ROI in the form of cooperation; and the effect of marketing alliance and comparison shopping website using CPC/CPA/CPS and other forms of cooperation; these are good try, and the results are very satisfactory.

It is worth noting that the effect of

in marketing at present there are many businesses using CPS form to return to the present site Cooperation (if it is not clear to return to the present site, please Baidu, otherwise you really OUT), especially since the second half of this year there are many websites and I talked about cooperation what we are with over 50 domestic B2C built this direct relationship. Half of the practice down, most of the results are still very good. At the same time, there are a lot of businesses directly related to this kind of site with the return of the existence of concerns, these concerns are also the domestic electricity supplier who are now back to the CPS argument, roughly summed up in three areas:

1, businesses feel cash back to the user, will allow users to feel addictive, before going to B2C every time we need to return this way in the past, the long-term development of the business disadvantage. They are more willing to turn back the cash into something else, such as a return to the point or return gifts, so that they accept it easier, there will be no direct interests of the problem.

2, merchants do not accept cash back directly to consumers, that a number of B2C business information also appears in the cashback websites, consumers will see the website again, virtually make various businesses in a price war.

3, the business itself on CPS advertising did not have any doubts, but after returning with cooperation is website cashback website worry will take a large part of their existing members, in addition to each member shopping will pass.

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