How to effectively implement the electricity supplier country eight

in May 7th, the State Council issued "on the development of electronic commerce to accelerate the cultivation of new economic power views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), from creating a relaxed environment for development, promote employment, promote the transformation and upgrading of eight aspects, 29 comments. Referred to as electricity supplier country eight, triggering heated debate.

it is worth noting that the eight countries mentioned in strengthening the training of personnel training. To support schools, enterprises and social organizations to cooperate in running schools, and to explore the training and training mechanism of e-commerce talents. Through the top-level design of the first push, which is rarely mentioned in the past.

single kernel information has been trained in e-commerce personnel to help the traditional enterprise network transformation on the road for 9 years. I saw the transformation of the way too many enterprises sour, sweet, bitter, hot. I think, the government to promote e-commerce training education is a good thing, but the enterprise must not be styled, the government not the misfits. It is recommended that the government pay close attention to the development of e-commerce education and training standards, and promote effective transformation of enterprises.

from the "opinions" of the content, state of e-commerce support and breadth is hitherto unknown, involving financial, credit, logistics, personnel, security, and other aspects of tax law, and at the same time, a clear responsibility department, which will greatly promote the e-commerce industry chain development.

government level once again released a positive signal, e-commerce has become a new trend of economic development is irreversible.

we know, opinions on the one hand, the reason is that China’s economic slowdown, the state focused on the vitality of small and micro enterprises, the main need to solve the employment problem.

May 7th, Prime Minister Li Keqiang stressed in the Chinese academy and Zhongguancun Venture Street visit, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation. The network introduced by Internet plus ways to promote the employment of about 1000000 people, Li Keqiang affirmed. He said that steady growth is to protect employment, entrepreneurship and innovation is an important basis for steady growth in employment protection.

is that a low growth has become the new economic norm, real estate investment, stimulating the economy difficult when China employment showed a relatively good state, the employment index in 2014 two months in advance, which is very important reason is that e-commerce solution very much employment.

in 2013, 50% of new jobs in Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province, the new job is in the field of e-commerce in the field of 25% in the year of. Electricity supplier also led to the employment of upstream and downstream industrial chain logistics. At the same time, the birth of the network model Amoy girl and other emerging occupations, commercial photography, graphic design, also with the electricity supplier to flourish. Single kernel information in the students, there is an electricity supplier to do business photography, studio from 200 square meters to an increase of 5000 square meters, the number of employees increased from a few hundred people to the present.

it is worth noting that the eight countries mentioned in strengthening the training of personnel training. To support the cooperation of schools, enterprises and social organizations

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