Suning COO Hou Enlong Ping Jing campaign, the first phase of three years

each reporter Zhang Adams

Ali Sue Chaanning, the double eleven joint North, the command center in Beijing, put pressure on Jingdong, so that this year’s double eleven gunpowder thicker. All this, from Suning COO Hou Enlong in his micro-blog issued a message only 4 words – "Ping Jing campaign" talk.

October 28th, Hou Enlong for the first time in Beijing on Suning launched the "Ping Beijing campaign" explains the antecedents and consequences. He told the "daily economic news", including the media, "let me clarify" Ping Jing campaign "not for a day, is to be long-term through the logistics cost, cash flow down opponents, ready to hit the first stage of 3 years."

Hou Enlong believes that the real price war is built on the basis of a strong supply chain, in essence, retail competition. There is no doubt that this will be a long-term "value war"".

prepare for 3C

Hou Enlong joked that the launch of Ping Jing campaign is the purpose of the friends of revenge".

when it comes to combat programs, Hou Enlong said, we often talk about the attack on the strengths of others place, friends of the business is started by 3C, I recently visited the current mobile phone industry heavyweights. The purpose of the core is to hit the snake hit seven inches."

not long ago, Suning to its headquarters in Nanjing held the third session of the O2O Shopping Festival supplier conference, millet from thousands of miles away in Beijing rushed to the scene on the industry platform, and shouted: "double eleven" period will be to the mobile phone Suning double channel exclusively for 1 million units, the total value of 1 billion yuan, the resources are ready in October 31st. The news came out, the industry in an uproar.

millet spared no effort to cooperate with Suning case. LG President Ju Benmao went to Nanjing to meet Suning chairman Zhang Jindong, recently visited by hundreds of suppliers and heavyweight event suning.

it is reported that in July this year after Suning with dozens of domestic appliance giant signing up 35 billion yuan, from the beginning of the end of 9, hundreds of suppliers have been Suning and air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, color TV, kitchen, communication, digital, computer and other home appliances category 3C of contact, from product, price, special activities and logistics services and so on to prepare for the "double eleven big promotion. "The supply chain is always close to a principle, the market can not do any party. Cooperation and win-win is always the direction. No one could not let the supplier be poached or belong to which one." Hou Enlong said.

for the most can reflect the Ali and Suning cooperation after the first key node "double eleven", Hou Enlong said, "double eleven" period for digital 3C category the two sides mainly do three things, the first is that both sides will soon push TM; second is the ability with the next line of Suning stores and outlets the 3C store customer service and establish and free pick-up; third is in Tmall on Tesco stores, the two sides set goals and plans to support the promotion and sales of very complete.

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