Where is the way for B2C alternative new markets

according to iResearch consulting estimates, in 2010 China’s overall e-commerce transaction size up to 4. 7 trillion yuan, an increase of about 30%, by 2013 this figure will be more than 12 trillion yuan, such a huge hot market prospects for the palpitation, accompanying is taking more and more electronic platform a, do B2B, do B2C, and do C2C, what is the start of the C2B the addition of traditional enterprises have also launched the net, but Chinese said the current e-commerce has come to a possible blowout state. "Congee more nor more" the inevitable result is the "go", from the "vast sea to the red sea". The relevant data was informed that the current mainstream of e-business China inland nearly 10000, non mainstream is more like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, innumerable. We try to squeeze the exhaust all the skills of e-commerce cake. Change of stock financing, burn enclosure, celebrity endorsements, media advertising and a series of ways you can use are used, can not be used on the use, how effective, each heart, don’t say it!

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with the popularization and development of Internet, the computer to the countryside "Huinong the introduction of favorable policies, rural people have access to the network became all the usual. Data show that by the end of 2010, the total number of Internet users in China will exceed 4. 500 million, which accounted for 1 of rural users. Around 500 million. The report also pointed out that with the steady and rapid development of rural economy and the national importance of electronic information construction in rural areas, rural netizens growth rate will be two times the city Internet users more! Network urbanization will accelerate the construction of rural communities. Faced with such a huge potential consumer groups, we will find an indisputable fact that the majority of Internet companies and e-commerce companies focus on the focus of the city center. And the poor rural areas with poor information, poor infrastructure and scattered regional distribution. The two reason may be more prominent, one is, at the same time, materialistic businessmen, want to live, we must first profit, long time pay no return, there will be a lot of people do not want to do, want to do this "Leng head green"; the two is that the cost is too high, the logistics bottleneck intensified, network infrastructure is not complete, lack of personnel and other unfavorable factors lead to the high cost, effectively, unfavorable development enterprises.

The rural market

electronic commerce development road is twists and hardships, but no one is willing to do not say no one! The well-known B2C e-businessmen Jingdong mall took the lead through cooperation with China Mobile to open mobile phone online shopping payment, to meet the consumer demand of rural netizens, President Liu Qiangdong said that the opening of a mobile phone payment is convenient is the payment link, consumers save time; consider more is the rural market, rural broadband network infrastructure, the slow flow of information online, high cost of a series of unfavorable factors restricting the rural consumption demand of Internet users through the mobile phone online payment, online shopping can ease the difficult situation, rich rural consumer market at the same time, but also broaden our marketing channel.

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