ndustry infighting into the white hot B2B.CN transaction price

      13, TOM, Sohu, Sina and other media have reported a "B2B.CN" domain name high price of the news, so that it quickly became a hot industry. At the same time a battle is staged, with Alibaba, mainone, HC, Sheng as the representative of the B2B giants gradually from "strength" to "strike violently". In the next 5 years will increase by more than 60% of the gold period of growth, B2B industry infighting seems to be triggered at any moment. Extraordinary period highlights the extraordinary events, several major B2B operators around the B2B.CN ownership problem competition, but also became the focus of attention.

      crossfire, skirmish has started

      a month ago, Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, said: "to date, there is no real Internet Co in china."

      according to Ma Yun’s remarks, HC CEO Guo Fansheng specifically to a letter "to Mr Ma Yun’s letter" to express their doubts. Ma blamed the sudden "sensational", with "in order to maintain a monopoly position to suppress and kill opponents and use unscrupulous divisive tactics" suspicion. At the same time, Guo Fansheng also to the other B2B operators Hi2000 attack: "industry website is lying in the window on the fly, there is no future bright!" Later, Ma came: "don’t let the Sheng in my nose jumping around, get rid of it!" In this regard, Hi2000 refused to yield, Sun Deliang immediately responded: "Sheng is not easy to be defeated". People began to doubt, the B2B time in smooth water, why slobber wanton?

      force, operators have sword

      "now is the most critical time, we are in force." Zhou worked in a B2B company told reporters. According to the national e-commerce development plan in 11th Five-Year, during the year of 11th Five-Year, the application of e-commerce enterprises will grow from 2% now to 30%, there will be 12 million companies using B2B services. In the face of such a rapid development of the prospect of the industry, the industry’s major B2B operators have their own "sword", accelerate the business development, resource integration, Alibaba announced at the end of the year listed, raising one billion capital; mainone and IBM jointly launched the eight top SFA products, accelerate the development of SAAS software and two city agencies; Sheng announced launched the "small portal + alliance operation mode, the 100 partner program selected from China professional website, common development.

      competition, natural monopoly can not give up

      in four B2B operators have moves on the occasion, the domain name trading news, ""

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