GoogleAdSense revenue calculation method

How to apply Google AdSense


after entering the page and select Chinese, then you will see

if your site within one month of the search query number reached more than 5 million times, the amount of web browsing or content is more than 10 million times, you can use the Premium AdSense.

general approval takes 2 days to a week, we hope to be patient, pay attention to the mailbox must be correct, because all and GOOGLEADSENSE team deal depends on this mail, YAHOO and HOTMAIL..GMAIL recommend the best ~! 163 ah SOHU used to do before you depressed ` `!

Google AdSense revenue calculation method

Advertising profit (profit is a very simple calculation unit cents):

Revenue = (Impressions * CTR * CPC)

= profit rate (advertising click through rate * * shows the number of times each click cost)

is clear from the profit by advertising display number, click through rate, multiplied by each click costs three digits. With them is proportional.

advertising display number, each click cost depends on the site of the industry, content, and flow. The quality is closely related with the website. Click through rate (that is, when the ads displayed click rates).

The calculation method of

every one thousand times the cost of display. From the publisher’s point of view, the cost per thousand shows is a very useful way to compare the revenue of different channels and advertising programs. It is calculated by dividing the total income by one thousand times. For example, if the publisher’s display number is 45000, the income obtained is US0, the cost per thousand display is equal to US0/45, or US.00.

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