Warm congratulations on the MANMAO brand was named as Tmall mall adult supplies brand!

China’s traditional culture is broad and profound, but also has the characteristics of "contradiction". Especially in the "sexual culture" is particularly prominent. Since ancient times, the traditional culture Chinese are somewhat talking about sex, not willing to talk about sex in front of a public occasion, compared with the western concept of open, is very shy. But at the same time, Chinese culture is very rich, from literature and art, to a variety of related instruments, whether it is the royal culture, or folk customs, in fact, a bold heart in a shy coat. With the continuous improvement of the standard of living in the country, especially the development of e-commerce in the Internet, the concept has become more and more open. Adult supplies with the development of mobile Internet, the mature mode of electronic commerce has gradually embarked on the table, is no longer defined as "edge ball" affairs. Especially in the last two years, the concept of vertical electric hot, a large number of Adult supplies mall in the traditional A new force suddenly rises., Adult supplies industry, more and more businesses to choose "sea" wading electricity supplier, is the electricity supplier packaging industry is Adult supplies with a lot of vitality.

adult products website in the continuous improvement of the user experience, expand sales channels to improve the level of marketing, planning a new blueprint. While a large comprehensive business platform also not resigned to playing second fiddle. All along, adult supplies is not Tmall, Jingdong, such as the main business platform for the electricity supplier industry. However, with the intense competition in the electricity supplier, the further subdivision of the vertical electricity supplier industry, adult supplies has become a platform for large-scale expansion of electronic business platform products. The adult supplies brand is also actively exploring an ideal platform for cooperation with well-known electronic business platform. Compared to professional adult supplies mall, Tmall, Jingdong and other large platform is the biggest advantage of a large user base and brand resources. In the after-sales service, brand exposure, trust has a greater advantage. Settled in Tmall, Jingdong and other stores, has become the only way for the majority of adult users of the brand. As long as a large business platform channel, in order to ultimately A new force suddenly rises. in the fierce competition.

is an international well-known brand Adult supplies, MANMIAO International (http://s.x-manmiao.com/) are diffuse has been adhering to the development of the concept of excellence let’s each brand was a perfect ManMiao. Its products are also in the industry in the leading position. In strengthening the stability of the line sales, but also constantly improve the point of spreading very sad channel. And Taohuawu, Jingdong mall, Tmall mall and other well-known electronic business platform have launched a long-term cooperation. Both Jingdong mall will be "MANMIAO" brand as the recommended brand, at present, Tmall mall will also "MANMIAO" brand named "famous brand" Adult supplies! And in the classification of products prominently recommend the brand.

MANMIAO Tmall mall adult supplies become well-known brands

MANMIAO with high quality and service, won the majority of consumers, Tmall mall open adult supplies sales, "MANM>

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