Turnover of 110 million double how much water Broke the news that the 5 brush

" double 11" promotion heatwave has passed, but the "Taobao Tmall turnover of 57 billion 110 million orders, 279 million of the total sales is still in" myth legend, continue to share the brightest electricity supplier not easily won big data in the circle of friends and micro-blog, some shop owners reporters around but reluctantly said: my friends and the double eleven sales comes from scalping ".

million yuan large sales accounted for 50%

single brush

Wang Tong (should request a pseudonym) is a reporter familiar with a Taobao shop owner, in the south of Shijiazhuang to do wholesale jewelry three, while operating on Taobao online shop.

he told reporters yesterday that his side have a bunch of friends can do online and offline, including more than a dozen have a "major" level, these friends offline some root in some large wholesale market in Shijiazhuang, and some of the other domestic wholesale market. In the double eleven Carnival war to win a good performance, and their domestic electricity supplier greatly small for as many a day and night, with eleven ending two wars, exhaust all the skills, watching as increase the sales, they were happy and helpless.

"double eleven day turnover of several friends of my business have been tens of millions, but which in the end how much water containing, we only know these parties, there are several tens of millions of sales have single brush elements."

"how high is the rate of scalping in the overall sales?".


can account for up to half, for example, sold ten million, accounting for five or six million single brush." Wang Tong said.

"do you brush it?"

I also brush, and friends than, my business is small and medium size, single brush accounted for 20% of the parts, do not brush, then ranking can not rely on." Wang Tong said with a smile. Reporters interviewed another car accessories vendors, the double eleven sales of the 40000 goods are out of the brush in the 3200.

it is understood that not only Wang Tong and his friends in a single brush, two years, eleven were double sales data of the major electricity supplier high-profile rendering has been questioned, since last year, the focus of the public and media attention is not only to determine the problem in "no water" so simple, but more sharp — how many


electricity supplier to brush single

what is the brush, the electricity supplier to give their own data through the single brush it?

it is understood that each year, double eleven, a few hours before the transaction is the most crazy time, according to the horse racing mechanism, the performance of the business in the second hours of good business to enter the next main venue". Some businesses in order to grab the main venue, the brush as the main means.

80 Zhang Jia (should I request a pseudonym) in a lighting city to do business, she opened two different platforms in the shop. She said

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