2011 Taobao sellers marketing program Raiders


e-commerce is very open and a year of rapid development, personal webmaster, Taobao sellers as well as network marketing practitioners can ignore a social problem, that is the Taobao shop shop, Taobao has now become the trend of social development, is the era in the arrangement of destiny.

Taobao has now not only personal shopping C2C platform, but also a large wholesale market, Taobao prices closer to the wholesale traders offer, or even lower, so many businessmen have already started the wholesale trade by Taobao. I remember two years ago, Taobao is not "wholesale market", it is easy to do business, the turnover rate is high, 1 months profit can withstand work half a year’s salary, so students, white-collar workers, migrant workers, civil servants, people began to squeeze into the share of every hue of this big cake, too, Taobao also gradually no money, a lot of people rushed to the credibility and even do lose money trading. So in 2011 Taobao will have what change? What should be paid attention to the details, the seller should be how to deal with the thousands on thousands of Taobao and Taobao in 2011? What are the impact of unknown good products Mall for the C shop, how to deal with


Taobao career first step: consignment goods, control costs.

consignment can not make money, the most important thing is to look at the individual way of doing business, I do the first month of drilling Taobao also earned more than 2000 yuan, while my friends do consignment, a month also earned more than 1000 yuan. A lot of friends will say, you really mean, one thousand or two thousand dollars you mean to take out to everyone. Many people like to mislead the new, we can ignore. The first consignment for just in the network marketing friends do not have what not good, 0 of the cost of business, thousand dollars a month is very easy, if you want to own distribution at least thousands of yuan funds, if things don’t sell yourself not throwing good money after bad money, the store did not open city. So here to say a new Taobao must do is not brain fever, step by step, if you sell women’s clothing, really good sales, to supply their own distribution.

Taobao career second step: you must do Taobao off, or you will earn less than others 20%

a lot of people disagree, saying, I do not want to let Taobao customers to promote".

yes, you are not rare, but in 2011 you do not join the Taobao Taobao, then you will be able to call the boy. Do not believe you to the browser or web site and click on the Taobao web site look inside, there is a 20% chance that the Taobao sale channel, which you should know who is the world’s largest Taobao customer, you do not say Taobao customers will lose at least 20% of the display rate, you still want to

make money?

unknown good products, Taobao mall, Taobao off you don’t do, you want to starve Taobao? You don’t say Alibaba unscrupulous online Tencent, 360 Alibaba, Aguirre, Baidu, I estimate Chinese Internet Co you >

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