Analysis on the profit model of home appliance website

appliances website specific profit model has about four types: small household electrical appliance enterprises membership fees mode: this mode on behalf of Alibaba, website:


1, Alibaba, these two sites is relatively perfect in e-commerce industry profit model, mainly to small and medium enterprises annual fees, provide free and independent website, to do an independent enterprise website. The most attractive or Alibaba this network platform, enterprises through a platform to bring them a profit, but also to the enterprise has a full display and exchange platform. Alibaba is a member of the membership fee to be awarded to the business certificate, giving the business reputation.

earnings: membership fees, corporate advertising costs;

home appliances information charging mode:

this model represents the website: China home appliance network;

2, China home network ( – sponsored China household electrical appliances association, long-term close cooperation with domestic and foreign industry associations and many related enterprises, research institutes, professional media, professional market at the same time, provides strong support for the background China grid services.

China home network through domestic Association and the support of the media, so the website news and information updates faster. Greatly increased the flow of the site, the site of the well-known domestic enterprises and associations of corporate members to promote the collection of relevant costs.

earnings: corporate advertising expenses;

online mall transaction model:

3, small household electrical appliances ( and white ( – the purchase of online shopping mall in the study of these two sites, I found that the larger the two site traffic, and web search engines for business data is relatively large, online mall site, in the early stage of the investment will be relatively large, so the network popularization the cost is certainly not small, for online shopping mall I personally think is a trend. I have a friend who is in the city of small appliances online mall, they reported the company a year profit 50-100 million; I think he said should be pure profit; now through online shopping more and more people, to have a reputation of the website, it is natural for profit;

earnings: small home appliance website online transactions

website alliance profit model:

4, Chinese home network ( – now the network platform has reached full saturation; more and more electronic commerce platform, the website profit many companies and individual owners are confused, there is no media support and capital investment companies and individuals who want to profit which is not an easy thing through the website so many companies and individuals choose website alliance; commonly used the ADSENSE GOOGLE >

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