Micro shop on-line shopping, comprehensive support for small sellers and micro business growth

micro shop has become a necessity for small businesses and small sellers of mobile phone shop applications, micro shop industry development is also quite scary. It is reported that Taobao ten years of development of the seller is only $about eight million. While the micro shop across the industry, only one year, there are tens of millions of sellers in the micro shop shop marketing platform. This figure is quite amazing, a year, resulting in a terrible micro shop industry.

also said that the micro shop industry is very chaotic, the platform is very much, in fact, is to understand the error. Because we WeChat third party development service platform, also classified as micro shop, in fact, those who do not shop for micro platform. Only the real fast through the phone shop in order to correctly call the micro shop. The current market is recognized by the public to accept is nothing more than a few micro shop products. Such as the ez-m pocket micro shop, micro shop, meow micro shop, three platforms are quick shop through mobile phone platform.

in the micro shop before the transaction, are all single social platform. In the previous report, we also learned that the risk of all kinds of micro store transactions exist, such as no guarantee mechanism, the interests of consumers can not be protected. In May this year, the rate of ez-m micro shop start secured transactions, other micro shop platform has also launched the micro shop shopping transactions have been very mature.

with tens of millions of small sellers market demand, only through social trading platform has been unable to meet the current situation of small and medium-sized sellers, with a sentence to summarize the micro shop industry in the appropriate. Taobao is a traditional Taobao on the internet. The micro shop is the mobile Internet Taobao. In December 5th, the "micro shop" (www.weidian.gg) mobile phone APP released in Shangri-La, and developers is one of the seats "ez-m micro store on the micro store industry, the advent of mobile phone application micro store shopping to fill the micro store industry is limited to the social platform trading restrictions, micro providers and small sellers finally with the growth of micro shopping platform. It is understood that the micro shop shopping is specifically for the micro shop users, small sellers, micro traders to create a vertical trading platform, is the first micro shop industry in the face of consumer trading platform. To fill the gaps in the micro shop is limited to social platform transactions.

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it is understood that the micro shop launched less than a month, total downloads reached millions of times in previous reports, we also learned that the micro shop to support small sellers growth policy is awesome, consumers in the mobile phone to shake cash can be used to shopping, charge by "ez-m the official micro store payment. And grab a red envelope is more a stroke above, from tens to hundreds of yuan is red, even the "grass root" are shocked. This may be the micro store shopping O2O mobile phone shopping marketing strategy. In the application we found each section have more features, such as shopping rebates, orders after the success of the rebate amount can arrive in time for the Taobao wallet, mobile phone and micro shop were compared. "

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