pirated books businesses must be certified business

June 8th morning news, Alibaba’s and Beijing fifteen book publishers (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing edition fifteen agency) signed the anti piracy alliance copyright protection memorandum of cooperation in Hangzhou. Taobao also announced that, in order to combat pirated books, in the future to operate Taobao books, magazines, newspapers, businesses need to have and hold a "publication business license".

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,, the anti piracy alliance and the Beijing edition fifteen agency from October 2009 to the beginning of cooperation, has the higher education community to investigate the sale of pirated books online shop 6126, closed 482 stores, the total higher education community to remove pirated goods 87759 263277 copies.

Beijing version fifteen society, said Wu Qin, Secretary General of the anti piracy alliance, the publishing house and Taobao signed a contract to strengthen the field of electricity supplier publishing industry copyright protection.

General Administration of press and publication, the State Copyright Bureau copyright department deputy director Wang Zhicheng pointed out that with the Internet and people’s lives continue to integrate, the press has been from the traditional books, publishing newspapers and periodicals to include audio and video electronic publications, cyber source, multimedia and multimedia development, gradually become an important safeguard against piracy of copyright.

hope to cooperate with Taobao through a sound mechanism to expand the field of cooperation, while actively investigating illegal shop, delete the infringement link." Wang Zhicheng said. In accordance with the provisions of Taobao, Taobao in the future operating books, magazines, newspapers, businesses need to have and hold a "publication business license". (Lin Ming)

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