Yonghui supermarket sign to Ali hand Jingdong and Darunfa together

there are rumors that the RT parent Gao Xin retail is to discuss cooperation matters with the Alibaba, while Ali declined to comment.

Gao Xin’s retail has Darunfa supermarket, flying cow net, Auchan stores, in recent years, the traditional domestic retail industry, one of the rare can continue to maintain the growth of enterprises, especially it is very few to high frequency shop rather than crazy closing a traditional retailer.

but obviously, the traditional retail industry growth, does not make Gao Xin feel satisfied, in 2014 launched a high-profile business platform flying cow network, but the development is not satisfactory, trying to find the external investment has no disk access, the parent company had to invest an additional 1 billion yuan.

industry insiders believe that Ma dished out the "new retail concept", it may be tempting for the rich and powerful Gao Xin and Darunfa it.

it is worth mentioning that, as one of the main competitors of RT mart, Yonghui supermarket has teamed up with Jingdong, cooperation is increasing.

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