Xie Yunli Tencent electricity supplier settled threshold application rate of 30%


speed transit network August 27th interview (editor Chen Xue) recently, Yi Xun network announced that it will fully accept WeChat to pay for a time, WeChat and Tencent business relationship attracted outside the wireless blind think. When it comes to the electricity supplier Tencent deputy general manager Xie Yunli speed transit network to accept an interview, from the side view, the Tencent attaches great importance to the user experience, because WeChat users carrying too much hope, has been careful testing of the environment, WeChat in the future will certainly have a new action, is also in the test, do the system and some well-known in exchange brand.


: electricity supplier Tencent deputy general manager Xie Yunli (speed transit network plan)

for the outside world, the Tencent electricity supplier without electricity supplier gene of the question, Xie Yunli said, the Tencent business has its own rhythm, with the sense of the market, with the Tencent business parties will slowly do better, and will provide a full field of technical support, in contrast to many platforms, network fast and easy to change, welcome more outstanding businesses to join Tencent business. He also said that the current electricity supplier settled in the threshold of Tencent, Tencent electricity supplier will be the brand, the quality of screening, currently only 30% pass rate.

cloud platform and large data support for the electricity supplier, can not be ignored, Xie Yunli pointed out that these Tencent are doing, big data marketing, precision marketing and customer return, have done a lot of development, when the disappearance of the demographic dividend, precision marketing is sure to be focused to do. The second half of the electricity supplier Tencent continue to launch, such as accurate delivery of marketing products.

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