Alipay sound pay contract return to the bank to prove safety line intime


POS paid by China UnionPay strangle Alipay and create a new weapon "sonic payment re reached offline payment market.

the day before yesterday, Alipay wallet (Alipay mobile phone client) and intime business group announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation in the future, consumers use mobile phone on Alipay wallet can pay for shopping in stores intime. At the same time, Alipay wallet account transfer will continue to be free. The move was interpreted by the industry as Alipay mobile terminal products to kill line payment market, challenge the bank for many years to play the role of.

JINGWAH Times reporter Li Bin

acoustic payment signed intime

following the launch of the dual 11 O2O (from online to offline) cooperation, intime and Alibaba to explore the pace of integration of new O2O. The day before yesterday, Ali’s Alipay wallet announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with intime intime, future consumers can "no cash consumption" — the use of "Alipay wallet" can be directly in the 37 home intime, Yin Taicheng stores to enjoy the mobile phone payment service.

yesterday, consumers in Beijing Yintai red store experience "Alipay wallet" new "sonic payment". The cashier input amount of goods, the consumer opens the mobile phone on the "Alipay wallet" pay "interface, the mobile phone speakers at the specified sensor area, about 3 seconds to complete the payment, will then receive Alipay payment to the success of sms.

in fact, this is a Alipay re entering the offline payment market. In March this year, Alipay announced the launch of POS machine line, for the electricity supplier COD (cash on delivery) 30 thousand units into the market of Alipay POS. However, just 5 months later, Alipay for August 27th issued a vague announcement, saying that due to some reason as everyone knows, Alipay will stop all the line POS business". In the industry view, this announcement directed at unionpay. Prior to this, the bank has issued an internal document requiring all non-financial institutions line, online UnionPay card transactions comprehensive access unionpay. After less than 3 months, Alipay has found a new weapon to circuitous line payments Market — Acoustic payment, bypassing the POS machine is sealed cup. For businesses, the cost of the equipment required to pay the sound wave is only about 50 yuan, much lower than the traditional POS machine, attractive.

Internet analyst Li Zhongcun pointed out that "Alipay wallet" carrying the Alibaba from online to offline, on traditional bank site ambition. The "sonic payment" in intime landing, is Alipay challenge bank horn.

Alipay wallet to free

Alipay wallet to achieve on the line of business bank ambition, must first guarantee enough to attract more users to use it. "The only proper course to take free" two words is to attract users.


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