What is the meaning of pure E-commerce

recently, in the electronic commerce circle there is a thing that has become a hot spot, is the first Chinese B2C e-commerce enterprise Mcglaughlin successfully listed on Nasdaq, which also marks more e-commerce enterprises in China will begin large-scale capital operation stage, Mcglaughlin is concerned, it is actually very simple, because in the circle the impression that it has never been the first line of the athletes, as the largest Jingdong dangdang.com and joyo.com, Eslite mall, is the first line, if listed, they should be first to, because no matter from the scale, brand awareness, market share, is Dangdang net, Jingdong have a mall, VANCL listed conditions, but everyone ignores a person, Mcglaughlin is a real brain capital Shen Napeng, the capital city of a familiar person, to the successful operation of the market perhaps for him is not a difficult thing, but a business, the most important point is Mcglaughlin’s own business model problem, because many people in protest, Mcglaughlin is not a real e-commerce enterprise, because of Mcglaughlin the business model is divided into three parts, the first part is the online block, the second block is the store offline, third pieces of mail order is part of the three blocks together to support the whole of Mcglaughlin’s business, which accounted for part of the entire online sales of about 50%, therefore, many people say that Mcglaughlin is not the e-commerce company the real reason is because of this, because compared to other electronic business enterprise online sales ratio, the growth of Mcglaughlin is still a lot of room.

, however, today is to discuss what is the real e-commerce, not in its business model itself, but in its own results. In e-commerce are very clear, e-commerce and traditional business itself does not have too much innovation and the difference between the essence of the above, are based on business as its core, but everyone in the channel is different. The traditional business may take the line shop as its channel, there may be a mail order, TV shopping, shopping and so on, and the main channel of e-commerce is from the Internet, due to the openness of the Internet, to eliminate the regional restrictions, so the traditional business, the Internet is considered a major channel, and traditional business activities are considered is a small channel, which is the most essential difference above. The core is the same, is sales, must sell the product value of your company to be, from this point of view, e-commerce enterprises with traditional enterprises are actually the same, if from this point, the distinction between what is the electronic commerce enterprise, what is the traditional business enterprise itself does not have what meaning. Also, Jingdong is an e-commerce business? Sometimes look very much like, there is nothing to look like. Jingdong as the electronic commerce enterprise, its online trading actually accounted for a large proportion, from this point, the Jingdong is e-commerce enterprises, however, we look at the Jingdong store marketing practices, sponsorship of the Super League, advertising on CCTV, the difference between how and Mcglaughlin did? The passenger flow attraction to the Internet, shopping is the electronic commerce website, "

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