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"the future has come, a touch of wisdom", the afternoon of October 24th, suning.com held a joint us air conditioning "beauty smart king YB200 Suning IPO" press conference in Nanjing, jointly launched the "smart + Su Ningmei" (season second) activities. The meeting, general manager of the U.S. home air conditioning division, deputy general manager of domestic marketing company Liu Tao said, "Su Ning in the unique double fusion O2O platform, first set a small goal, the first 10000 sets of YB200 intelligent king pin". In addition, the two sides also signed 1 million sets of the United States i+ intelligent air conditioning procurement agreement, conspiracy to cool air conditioner market in the year 2017.


at the press conference site, Suning released the smart air-conditioning consumer white paper. According to Suning statistics show that over the past year, Suning platform intelligent air conditioning category of rapid development, which is particularly prominent in the United states. Wu Dingjian, Su ningyun Marketing Center Assistant to the president, executive vice president of Suning air conditioning company introduction: intelligent air conditioning its proportion has reached 30%, is expected to 2017 cold years will be more than 50%; intelligent air conditioning Suning intelligent air-conditioning sales accounted for the overall proportion is as high as 38%, the industry ranked first.

Su Ningmei’s "smart + upgrade" plan, goal wins the 1 million sets of

in the face of smart this new market growth point, the Soviet Union as early as in May 2015 to start the smart + program, the two sides reached 500 thousand sets of intelligent air conditioning procurement agreement. In the field of technical cooperation, the two sides are also based on the opening of the cloud platform, the structure of efficient cooperation so that both sides play their own advantages, to achieve the perfect combination of product sales and technology research and development.



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data show that Suning, "smart +" plans to start, the beauty of intelligent air-conditioning sales accounted for the rapid increase, especially since the 2016 season, the monthly ratio remained at about 35%, and continued to show growth, really smart air conditioning into more and more consumers family, good beginning Su Ningmei opened for intelligent air conditioning market imagination.

in Ningmei Su "smart + Plan" (season second) activities, the two sides signed 1 million sets of intelligent air conditioning the purchasing order, this initiative will promote China intelligent air-conditioning market to a new level. Liu Tao said that with the 1 million sets of the United States i+ intelligent air conditioning landing, the United States in the proportion of intelligent air-conditioning Suning system itself will be more than 50%.


Suning O2O channels, YB200 10000 sets of

intelligent King first pin

in this year’s smart + Su Ningmei "(season second) activity," i+ intelligent air conditioning "beauty products strong to help out. Among them, the biggest bright spot is the "smart king" YB200, will be 1>

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