Fresh electricity supplier cited PE Nuggets trillion market costs and non-standard bottlenecks to be

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recently, semi fresh young dish Jun was born, it has been the founding partner of Wu Shichun and the nine Angel plum joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao million A round of financing. This year, with the rapid development of fresh electricity supplier, I bought a net, delicious 77, had been living and other investments have been PE/VC. But the industry pointed out that the high cost of distribution and non-standard issues these two bottlenecks to be fresh electricity supplier breakthrough.

Nuggets trillion market

August 1st, COFCO electronic business platform I bought network announced the completion of the B round of financing, access to IDG and Saif $100 million, this is the history of IDG in the amount of business investment in the largest, but also created a domestic food electricity supplier including fresh electricity supplier in the field of financing of the. It is reported that the capital invested by the IDG capital lead, after the last round of the July A round of investment fund $37 million investment and then chase $15 million.

IDG I bought a heavy investment in the network will undoubtedly open a corner of the fresh electricity supplier broad market, but also once again sparked widespread concern about the market for fresh electricity supplier. According to statistics, China’s fresh market size of nearly trillion yuan, the current penetration is still less than 1%. While China Merchants Securities pointed out that the current fresh electricity market smaller, 2013 vertical electricity supplier sales scale of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, a comprehensive and platform type electricity supplier (fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs) sales of about 4 billion 500 million yuan, a total of 5 billion 700 million yuan. It is estimated that by 2018, comprehensive and platform based electricity supplier can reach 78 billion 500 million yuan in sales, vertical electricity supplier sales reached $22 billion 700 million.

IDG Capital Partners Xiong Xiaoge believes that the British electricity supplier Ocado fresh now than I bought the network 8 times, but Chinese large development space, should be 8 times Ocado. And I bought the network first force, with the funds in place, the supply chain and logistics chain and the establishment of the user scale, the formation of industry barriers.

in fact, interested in the electricity supplier on the line PE/VC is not only IDG, nearly three years, the rapid development of fresh electricity supplier has attracted PE/VC have invested in. According to Analysys think tank statistics, 2013 fresh food online shopping transactions reached 5 billion 700 million yuan, year-on-year growth rate reached 40.7%, the composite average growth rate of 138.5% from 2010 to 2013; from the Taobao search index, fresh and turnover grew by more than 100%; the next 5 years, fresh electricity industry growth rate of more than 100%, the market size of about 100 billion yuan. For fresh total sales ratio reached 15%.

investment in IDG before I buy the network, Amazon as early as May 16th this year in Shanghai announced a $20 million stake in fresh electricity supplier Shanghai delicious Network Technology Co., ltd.. Amazon said that the future of delicious 77 will remain independent operations, expand business outside Shanghai. Investment delicious 77 is to steadily expand the scale of business. At the end of 7, vertical >

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