Nearly 50% of respondents had a record number in the store to the online experience

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this year, double eleven, Taobao 24 hours to create a turnover of about 35000000000. Electricity supplier in the offensive, the annual double eleven singles have by itself, into a universal shopping Carnival time. Today, the online shopping boom boom in the manufacturing line at the same time, but also a profound impact on people’s buying habits, only try not to buy in the store, the order to the Internet more and more people.

last week, survey the social survey center of China Youth Daily through the mobile phone (157605 participants) showed that 56.9% of respondents said their purchase to the store less and less, but there are 70.8% of respondents believe that the future will not replace the physical store shop.

47.1% of the respondents have recorded item in the store to the online experience

survey found that low prices (58.1%) and save time (17.3%) is the main reason for respondents to choose online shopping. The double eleven period, 48.6% of respondents did not intend to start goods.

Beijing, a college student Liu Lu is the eyes of the students online shopping, she is more than 90% of the daily necessities are online shopping. She thinks the biggest advantage of online shopping is to avoid the pain of going shopping. In the past in order to buy a sweater, run an afternoon may not be able to choose the right, now sitting in the dormitory will be able to search the network. When the initial online shopping experience, not the color difference, the size is wrong, that is, poor quality, be deceived." After buying more, Liu Lu learned to shop online credit rating and evaluation of goods.

however, Liu Lu this year "double eleven" is not what a "big", because she felt that Tmall is mostly hit half off in counter price discounts, some shops are usually more. In addition, many years of online shopping also allows her to learn rational consumption, cheap things every day, but there is often no money".

a Beijing jacket flagship store manager Wang Xiao (a pseudonym) told reporters, "double eleven" approaches, many customers in order to better deals on the Internet, will first frequent store. "After they tried, they could see that they were satisfied, but did not buy it. Most of them write down the article number, some directly photographed using a mobile phone." Wang Xiaohe clerk did not neglect the customer, she felt that since not stop, not through the service to customers in the store.

seems to Wang Xiao, although online shopping is cheap, but a lot of goods are under the banner of some marketing gimmick, the sale may be even last year, the year before last style. And, can not try, means that the quality of the material, quality, etc. can not be guaranteed, it is difficult to make consumers really satisfied." Wang Xiao believes that the customer experience and the postage is the shop and the store of the gap, the gap within a short period of time it is difficult to make up.


survey, 47.1% of respondents have in mind the item in the store, to the online experience, there are 48.5% of the respondents said no. < >

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