Jumei.com new benchmark security concerns raised capital markets

July 6th morning news, cosmetics online retail companies jumei.com the investor communications conference announced that it will establish a new benchmark security cosmetics, from July onwards will be published in the official website products monthly audit report for the supplier and the third party merchants, and significantly expand the range of chromatographic sample test.

The jumei.com

, jumei.com chromatographic test launch with Beijing Technology and Business University, is detected by chromatography to identify the authenticity of cosmetics solutions. The establishment of a new benchmark for security, will help the United States accurately identify the quality of the product has not been detected by the supplier, which targeted management.

it is reported that, after the United States together chromatographic tests by external laboratories monthly random checks from third party beauty products business in the 12% test, from June this year, the United States will expand the sampling range from 12% to more than 67%, covering the beauty in the third party platform of 17% SKU, and the latest test found no fake and shoddy products.

in July last year has set up Chinese poly hairdressing cosmetics genuine security code Alliance (Authentic Cosmetics Alliance, hereinafter referred to as "ACA"), and the introduction of the code system, consumers can verify the authenticity in accordance with the 16 digit security code on the packaging of goods. It is understood that the alliance currently includes L’OREAL, Maybelline, Laneige, Kose, Vichy and other domestic and foreign brands, including nearly one hundred members, accounting for 64% of the total u.s..


, jumei.com CEO Chen Ou said, jumei.com not only for this series of actions to strengthen its supplier management level, also hope to enhance the quality control of the benchmark domestic online beauty industry.

insiders said that with the expansion of online cosmetics market, brand business cooperation with the increasingly close business platform, the resulting Cuanhuo, fake, price fraud, credit and other issues, the cosmetics industry has been criticized. In view of this, the online beauty companies began to develop targeted solutions. United States and the United States and the establishment of a new security standards, or will bring some reference value for the online beauty market and even the entire beauty industry.

at the same time, the United States and the United States by the capital market concerns and positive. GF Securities issued by the United States and the United States follow the report shows: the United States together in June spending $60 thousand, accounting for 67% of the sales of the third party commodity sampling did not find problems. GF Securities said it will maintain the jumei.com 2014-2016 earnings forecast and recommend investors to focus.

and Goldman (169.46, 2.57, 1.54%) research report said: "jumei.com online bazaar third party merchants contribution in the total net transactions in 2013 31.5%. At present, the United States has completely controlled the supply chain, and will continue to strengthen quality control." The report also showed that jumei.com will maintain the stock a buy rating and $36 price target.

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