That’s what we did with Taobao

Taobao guest, a focus on the pronoun of CPS, a simple understanding can be: to help businesses promote goods, get a commission as a reward.

of course, you can also raise a height, from the middle page level to understand Taobao. On the middle page, it is suggested that Robin Li proposed entrepreneurship published in the 2011 Baidu Union summit speech "Naozhongqujing", said: "the middle business, Chinese dutushidai and applications for the king". Shortly after the topic just fell, products, beauty said dutushidai just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, and this is the inevitable result of the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, because the electricity supplier from the model to the market, shopping will become a trend.

specifically what is the middle page

I think

through a period of experience: the middle page is that they do not produce content, but the content and advantages in the selection of polymerization in (goods) platform, in addition, the middle page only on the quality of products for customer service, logistics, platform, is not responsible for payment, but the need to regulate business, accept consumer complaints, even help consumers together "lawsuit", because in the middle of the page there is the value of reputation, price.

and the business model of the middle page: we can simply understand him as an ad content aggregation can be. The form of advertising in accordance with the scale of shopping guide platform is different, the basic is CPS, CPC, CPT, CPM.

thus, the core of the business operation of the middle page is to understand the product, understand the user, understand the business. Therefore, the location of shopping help is very clear, that is: "know what you need, choose what you love, and I ‘related".

What is "understand"

I know why, I know what you need.

special class platform for consumers, is the high cost of goods. Of course, the price is not equal to the 9.9 package post, but the price of the product itself is in line with the value of consumer psychology is the focus.

example: a cotton T, you do not necessarily buy 29.9 to sell well, and buy the 19.9 will be very OK. Why? Because every guest T 29, your character like him, but the brand value as much as he who buy? In addition, you may not have his rich style.

understand business. The purpose of the business is nothing more than two kinds, one is to make money now, one is to make money in the future. I love the future and earn money for business communication, preferential channels to help businesses do two things: one is to run sales, improve store items customer experience (I always believe, do business, goods only to the customer is reliable, figure is only an introduction); another one is to pull new guest.

on the issue of new customers, I have exchanged some businesses.

example: there is a woman to do business, they have 3 million customers on the book, but retained less than 2%. He asked me how I said, not the whole ah, you have to sell goods, sooner or later the cat killed.

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