Ali, SF, Jingdong competitive logistics + medicine, who can The Legendary Swordsman

introduction:   "Internet plus" heady, the development of logistics enterprises ushered in the best of times, at the same time, the pharmaceutical business policies also have the door open. To Ali, as the representative of the Jingdong, SF Giants Xianshengduoren, are already in the "logistics + medicine" on the chessboard Lazi layout, offensive.


The latest data from

Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing released show that the first quarter of this year, with the adjustment of national economic structure, coupled with the impact of seasonal factors, the first two months of the logistics operation has slowed, a slight rebound in March, showing the overall trend of a "slow in stabilization, the development of the logistics industry into power the shift and the critical period of transition. Logistics as a basic industry related to the development of fresh, retail, catering, medicine and finance and other industries. Especially in the increasingly hot pharmaceutical industry, logistics plays an important role. The giants also have overweight layout.

"Internet plus" heady, pharmaceutical business policy is open, pharmaceutical enterprises in the tide of the Internet trend not to fully enjoy the dividend policy, mining pharmaceutical industry in this huge incremental market. Zero Consulting Group Chairman Yuan Yue recently said publicly, in the "Internet plus" era, the logistics industry will face 8 major changes, and the pharmaceutical logistics industry will become an important option for giant fast layout. The pharmaceutical business has broad market prospects, and the logistics companies have a natural advantage, therefore, choose the layout of "logistics + pharmaceutical giant" is logical, its purpose is to seize the opportunity and end end product logistics.

Taking advantage of

Ali rookie network, to build the whole chain of pharmaceutical logistics +

Alibaba’s current layout mainly around three aspects: electronic business platform, payment platform and rookie as the core of the logistics platform. Ali recently with rookie network Lazi logistics advantages in the field of medical and health a lot, in addition to the current health of Ali, rookie network, Ali cloud, ants were also related to medical service payment service. In April 2015, Ali Health announced an agreement with Alibaba, Alibaba announced the transfer of Tmall online pharmaceutical business operation right to health in exchange for Ali, Ali health issue of new shares and convertible bonds, Ali officially opened in medicine, health and medicine, with the Internet as the core part of the whole chain of medical and health industry. The Alibaba not only in the broad prospects of the pharmaceutical business on mustering the strength, at the same time in medical logistics is "overbearing".

May 11, 2015, the Alibaba group and Merck China officially announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides will work together to explore in a wide range of cooperation in the medical field, including medical professional storage, chronic disease management and health cloud data storage, data analysis and cloud computing business cooperation. The medical storage logistics is an important part of Alibaba’s rookie network of national logistics system, this cooperation has become a key step in the construction of medical logistics rookie. Merck in the United States and Canada called Merck, is.

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