Talking about the idea of living consumption network and electronic commerce in county level city

now people live have pressure, plainly, or the problem of money. The rich don’t know what to think, but I know a little about the poor. These two are not linked to the Internet, and then enter the theme.

a, why do life consumption network?

website, the first important is to attract people, views determine the site of life and death, therefore, the first attraction, or professional website called sticky. Man, what attracted most the money! No other second choice, while consumer life network is bringing together affordable consumption information for everyone, high quality and inexpensive commodity information, can be summed up in one word "make your money more affordable, more scientific and rational, disguised as we save money. So a website can provide close to life, more practical to save money, the attraction is undoubtedly huge.

two, how to do?

people’s daily life, the consumption of some common and important it is living and entertainment, but not often indispensable consumption is an important medical education, but don’t go.

website clothing, hotel, delicacy, life, entertainment, travel, marriage, classification, the forum forum. Collection of local information such as graphic or publicity, or experience, or comment, or discounts, etc.. It is best to get the discount information, have real money benefits, this is the most attractive.

small town is a center of the city, not a large area, businesses can be a home run. Take photos, write articles propaganda, the workload will be very large, but insisted that there will be good results. Recent super fire buy site can learn from, and local businesses to do some activities, a few times a week attractive discount. Can refer to the practice of and buy site approach, the two can make the appropriate integration.

three, offline promotion

I don’t have any experience with the operation, so I just write it out. Think of a few small way:

1 combined with the local Internet cafes, Internet cafes to the desktop package to do publicity, if you talk well, the Internet advertising to do their own site, then you can mutually beneficial win-win. Not only do the advertising, but also the Internet cafe publicity.

2 local business promotion, the initial advertising in the site’s popularity is not high when I’m afraid no one would be willing to pay to do, so free of charge early. Advertising, publicity articles for free to do business, but require businesses in the cashier put a table. partners, a long time, consumers will slowly remember this site. This is a win-win, the advertising business done, the site’s online publicity has done.

3 handbag publicity. I found from the Internet, you can do a lot of handbag costs around 1 dollars. To that bag cloth recycling, sent to the supermarket. 2K bag, maybe 2>

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