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from January 18th to 20, "Yao heart home" glory special purchases for the Spring Festival festival grand opening to the Spring Festival, home purchase, zouqingfangyou special purchases for the Spring Festival users to provide massive special purchases for the Spring Festival package be too numerous to enumerate. Three new smart Home Furnishing glory – glory, glory Pro routing WiFi wall and glory treasure box voice, bring many surprises for the Spring Festival New Year Home Furnishing users purchase. Among them, with a full signal "attic" glory WiFi wall treasure as the glory of intelligent Home Furnishing new representative, in January 19th officially landed HUAWEI mall, mall Jingdong launched the first sales, the price of 268 yuan / group. With strong network data, rapid elimination of dead WiFi performance, the glory of WiFi wall treasure in two business platform sales soared, become the glory of concern for the star product special purchases for the Spring Festival festival.


One of the new

as the main push of the intelligent Home Furnishing glory, glory WiFi wall treasure can solve the wireless network equipment has no signal or signal is not stable, has covered the room WiFi and enhance the effective signal dead. Whether through numerous buildings, or have reinforced concrete walls, the glory of WiFi wall can easily fix treasure router signal to regional extension. And the glory of WiFi and glory with wall treasure to use Pro to support both the HUAWEI HiLink routing protocol, can automatically complete all configuration, convenient operation and saves the manual trouble.


WiFi miracle moment jack wall

as the "wall" two words to describe general magic, the glory of WiFi wall treasure so that the signal through the wall into the room without obstacle to expand WiFi. Once the glory WiFi treasure into the room through the wall socket, a miracle happened in an instant signal through the wall. Glory WiFi wall will treasure the emission source in the signal power jack, Jack a WiFi covered room corner, the wire transfer line "special technology, as through the walls. And the glory of WiFi through a network of treasure treasure up to seven WiFi using the collocation of treasure, even if the house is bigger, the space hidden, users can quickly experience the best network signal no difference. As a result, users do not have to worry about the bedroom, balcony, and even the bathroom signal is weak, no matter where you can enjoy online chase drama, playing online games.


multi brand compatible routing to expand a good helper

WiFi through the treasure and glory glory / glory Pro routing routing used at the same time, the network instant signal expansion, without manual configuration of complex parameters, greatly simplify the process of product use. Glory WiFi wall treasure can automatically learn the glory of routing WiFi name and password, automatic synchronization parameters, different rooms share a WiFi name and password, and can automatically switch hot, mobile phone HD video playback without interruption. As a result, users go back and forth in the house, do not need >

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