E-commerce global integration recommended 7 practical shop open source tools

today, all over the world a wide range of commercial trade, the Internet open to the outside world under the network environment, triggering a wave of e-commerce boom. Electronic commerce, whether in the course of the transaction or payment procedures, has the incomparable advantages of traditional business activities, making it a new popular business model. Today, IDC comments on the network finishing up 7 practical online shop open source tools for your reference.

1 SHOP++

SHOP++ is an open source, free e-commerce management software based on JAVA technology, with its security and stability, strong and easy to use, efficient and professional advantages to win the praise of users. For large, medium and small enterprises to provide a safe, efficient and powerful e-commerce solutions to help companies quickly build, deploy and manage their e-commerce platform.

2 OpenCart

OpenCart is a well-known foreign open source e-commerce website, the language has been translated by users of the country has reached 18 kinds of packages. Its advantage lies in the design of the front interface is very suitable for European and American shoppers browsing habits: simple, intuitive. The background is also very simple and clear, and powerful, very easy for beginners to use

3 DashCommerce

DashCommerce is a free open source e-commerce software, which is based on asp.net development, the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 data storage. There is a good product navigation system, which contains unlimited sub menu or browse the product price. Includes free and commercial versions.

4 ECShop

ECShop is a free open source online store software, in terms of stability, code optimization, operational efficiency, load capacity, security level, function and authority control and other aspects are closely in the leading position in the domestic and foreign similar products. Only focus on the development of online store software for enterprises and individuals to provide a perfect online shop solutions.

5 nopCommerce

nopCommerce is the world’s leading e-commerce solution for ASP.NET’s open source online store. It is powerful, secure, scalable e-commerce shop software. With a complete shopping cart function, background management functions, payment transportation integration, Promotion functions, etc..

6 TomatoCart

TomatoCart is an open source e-commerce software developed with PHP, derived from osCommerce but has a better user experience. It provides a new front and back interface, the background using ExtJS development. Also provide some marketing functions such as: coupons, discounts, cross selling, wish list >

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