Alipay double 12 data released the Shanghai trench too!


Alipay reputation double 12 global Carnival officially ended, when a data is released.

According to the official Alipay

data at 10 -12 day for three days, the world’s 16 countries and regions, more than 300 city, 100 10000, accumulated more than 110 million people participated in the double 12 carnival, which is 68% of 85 young people.

has 5 million users collect the Sibao, 15 thousand of whom received 1212 lucky red envelopes of cash ($2424 cash envelopes including diamond membership)

Hao is a user in Shanghai, the British department store Harrods single brush 158 thousand yuan.

also issued a document that the reputation of Alipay Chinese, we see the empty shelves in supermarkets and still seriously queuing crowd, in the cold but sunny winter feel a little warmer O2O industry. Thanks to everyone, everything has just begun, double 12 never end!

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