nventory of electricity supplier industry in 2012 six key words price war full year

Beijing, December 27, at the beginning of the 2012 electricity supplier will enter the winter "that did not stop the whole industry in the raging like a storm this year. "6.18", "8.15", "double eleven" year-round "price war" in a time of teasing consumers to buy at the same time also constantly refresh the business enterprise sales record; Taobao announced the cumulative sales exceeded one trillion yuan to the outside of a big surprise, also once again triggered e-commerce has become a new economic growth point of the discussion. However, the electronic commerce industry promotion chaos, also plagued the profit predicament progress. Beijing IT channel inventory summary of industry trends, e-commerce industry six words, China e-commerce industry review this 2012.

electricity supplier War Within Three Kingdoms

in mid August, the Jingdong announced that all 3 years electrical mall 0 gross margin, and sent in chains. Subsequently, Liu Qiangdong claimed on micro-blog than Suning, Gome cheap 10%. And Liu Qiangdong drying out on the inside of a Jingdong fight Suning headquarters, the picture has become the most widely spread in 2012 electricity supplier industry image.

suning.com then said a tough response, if found the price is higher than the Jingdong, will be price and give feedback to buy two times the price of compensation, while the United States online mall is a promise, full range of commodity prices 5% lower than Jingdong mall. Electricity supplier War Within Three Kingdoms also started on this. Just a few weeks, this is known as "the history of the cattle price war fighting in Jingdong take the initiative" war ended after the attack.

, however, there are monitoring shows that the coincidence degree of various PK products is only about 10%, while more than half of the so-called "lowest price" goods in the state of no goods, and even some of the prices of goods does not fall or rise. "Price war" has become a flicker war, the Ministry of Commerce subsequently involved in the investigation, and this farce also makes the integrity of the electricity supplier industry to freezing point.

dual eleven

electricity supplier made the momentum of the festival in 2012 on the top of the board in November 11th. "Singles day" this was full of netizens entertainment spirit of the festival, a Alibaba and even the entire electricity supplier industry "carnival".

double eleven the same day, there are 10 million people in the first minute into the Taobao and Tmall, breaking through the 8 hours, 13 hours to break through the 10 billion. Around noon, Tmall’s turnover will easily surpass last year’s largest online shopping festival in the United States on Monday". Eventually, Taobao and Tmall in the double eleven day turnover of 19 billion 100 million, an increase of 260%, including Tmall, Taobao.

is constantly trading record, let people forget in this winter "2012 is the electricity supplier of the" winter of prophecy. However, Ma seems, double eleven is not just electricity supplier war, but a business model war. He has rarely been interviewed before the "double eleven" to the media, said: "the new business model

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