7-11 will fully support the Alipay wallet payment

text / Zhang Rui


offline payment the pace of expansion and new progress, the author from the news sources informed, 7-11 convenience stores will be Alipay wallet payment, Alipay is expected to soon announce this cooperation, and formally put into use in the first quarter of this year.

Prior to

, Alipay has reached a cooperation and another "Meiyijia convenience chain", using Alipay wallet barcode payment function, mobile phone users show the bar code to the cashier at the time of checkout, the cashier with the scanner to scan can complete the payment.

cooperation with 7-11 will also use the same technology. The difference is, Meiyijia in the country only has 5500 stores, and the 7-11 has 46000 stores, Alipay mobile payment wallet can reach more users.

Alipay wallet rival WeChat also spotted the 7-11 partner, earlier this month, WeChat and Guangzhou 7-11 to launch the "1 cents purchase Coca-Cola Guangzhou" activities, only two-dimensional code scanning activity and successfully pay 1 cents, you can buy a coke cans.

seems to compete for a tit for tat.

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