Li Hao analysis of the earnings of the Group buy some ideas

group buying website is a kind of shopping website, which has attracted a large number of users to buy at low price". Like the U.S. mission network, handles network group purchase website in this piece is more famous, then the other group purchase website, or just set up the group purchase website is not no market, cannot eat the cake? I think not, I knew me some group purchase website profit write out ideas and share with you the following.

1 quality goods

for a less well-known group buying site, want to suddenly be aware of others and even others are not likely to remember. So my personal advice is starting from the quality of the products, to provide quality products, and then make a number of customers to try, if the quality of your goods is good, of course, users will be very satisfied, and will tell his friends and family about your website, this website popularity through word-of-mouth marketing, you will be high up.

2 low price

if the first method is not very good, try this method. As the saying goes, a cheap three love, who do not want to spend the least money to get the best service? So you can reference price of similar products, and then based on this point as appropriate to reduce the price of their products. Of course, this is done to reduce the cost of the product, as for how to reduce the cost of products, through long-term cooperation with some suppliers, or find their relatives or friends, so as to give consumers real benefits. Of course, can not patronize the lower prices and reduce the quality of goods. If you can do good and inexpensive, I believe you will enhance the visibility of the site, earnings will be considerable.

3 quality service

users to spend money is to enjoy the service, of course, users do not want to spend their money in exchange for the equivalent of the service, so you can work on the service above. For example, some snacks category buy site, the user with a message to a restaurant consumption, you can enjoy the price of the group. In this case, you can choose an elegant environment, delicious food, thoughtful service restaurant to cooperate, it not only started its own website visibility, but also improve their website users in mind position.

4 found the opponent’s lack of

if the three points above your competitors have done, then you can only start from other places. So where does it come from? My advice is to start with an opponent who is not doing enough. Because any one group purchase website are not likely to do anything, for example it is bigger, do it all, then you can consider the market segmentation, small, fine. For example, its products are very popular, then you can do some personalized goods. Found these opponents, you will find the starting point. By doing so, I believe your website will also have a good income.

5 by paying promotion or SEO

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