The sea Amoy milk milk price chaos bulk supply Chinese merchants cheat

sea Amoy milk problem on the Internet a lot. Beijing News reporter Wang Yuanzheng photo

Alibaba international station, input aptamil, Kraal and other words, there will be hundreds of milk powder wholesale information. Dealers are claimed to supply a large number of well-known foreign milk powder, and the price is different, the same product price as high as 2 to 3 times.

Beijing News reporter noted that a 2 /800g tank bullpen milk prices in the UK local normal is 8 to 10 pounds, equivalent to RMB 77 to 97 yuan. But on the Alibaba international station, on the same specifications of milk powder, a number of businesses given the abnormal super low price.

further investigation found that some foreign trade companies took the opportunity to profit, the domestic part of the milk wholesalers because of cheap, was suspected of defrauding the company defrauding the purchase price, but can not receive any goods.

more domestic enterprises in foreign countries to find food factory production of OEM milk powder, packaged into a foreign brand re directed to china.

at the same time, prohibiting the Japanese nuclear radiation pollution area is stately milk immigration appeared in Taobao and other sites.

the sea Amoy milk chaos behind, is a set of procurement, customs clearance links, trade chain, trade company through the "ant" break up the whole into parts, large quantities of milk powder scattered into a plurality of individual parcels, enter the domestic tax.

dairy experts believe that a number of dealers on the network wholesale platform to get the goods are not necessarily brand production, or simply fake, there are a lot of security risks.

chaos 1 low-cost powder

sellers can be a large number of long-term supply of

in the Alibaba and other wholesale platform, many registered display for the import and export company dealers to price 120 yuan / cans, large quantities of long-term supply of cowshed, aptamil and other well-known milk powder.

July 28th, the Beijing News reporter contacted one of the companies, the person in charge of lvmou said, can be 120 ~ 125 yuan / cans (800g package) price, long-term supply of cattle and other well-known brands, "high demand, a month at least 3000 supply tank." Lu said that the milk powder is by Holland and other foreign agents and distribution company procurement channels, and then by the Guangdong and other places of the bonded warehouse entry.

Beijing News reporter noted that in the UK boots, Amazon and other shopping sites, the same packaging specifications cowshed, aptamil milk, usually priced at 8.25 pounds to 10 pounds, about RMB 77 to 97 yuan. But for a long time to settle in the UK, engaged in the business of purchasing milk dealers Della told reporters that if the purchase really at the local, packaging transportation equivalent formula, the cost price of at least 14 to 15 pounds (137 to 145 yuan) 120 yuan / cans sold, profits come from? "< / p>

at the same time, so large quantities of milk powder for