The 10000 intends to use on the integrity of enterprise moxing

September 21st, reporter learned from the 10000, to further standardize the behavior of businesses B2Q platform, B2Q platform to improve business integrity, 10000 intends to implement "Moxing" punishment in its B2Q platform.


"Chinese ancient Moxing" is a kind of penalty, which belongs to one of the Five Penalties of slavery, also known, is tattooed tattoo tattoo sentence, or pattern on the prisoner’s face or forehead, a penalty again with ink. The punishment is human skin tattooing moment, it is a shame punishment so that the inmates suffered humiliation, the difference from ordinary people.

It is reported that

, 10000 to consider the integrity of enterprise with the similar criminal law, namely freezing retail products upload and withdrawal and the transaction, and in the shops on the cover page of dishonesty blacklist enterprise ".

10000 CEO Yang Guojian said: not deterrence the credibility of enterprises of the shelf products, they can change a place to lie. In the original platform due to the product, the shelves of shops, closed, but it does not have any traces of punishment, which is irresponsible for consumers. The 10000 since its inception and actively create the integrity of the platform, and continue to explore relevant measures to improve the integrity of the enterprise consciousness. "Moxing" is an innovation in our punishment mechanism, we hope this can not only help users avoid trading platform B2Q cheating, but I hope it can provide reference for the integrity of the enterprise whole society, to help you identify the quality, in order to promote the enterprises to consciously improve the integrity of business awareness. (text / Yin Xue)