Zhejiang’s largest auction 34 auction domain name

as an important part of the Internet industry chain, domain name due to its rarity and uniqueness, is becoming one of the areas of concern for many investors. January 6th, a domain name auction held in Hangzhou. High end of the opening of the bleak ending of the auction, may be able to stir fried hot domain name to knock the alarm.

Internet domain name (Domain Name) is to find the object according to the network on the Internet, the user is in the network world number and address.

the auction to be photographed in a variety of domain names have more than and 370. The highest price is "815.cn", the starting price of 2 million 800 thousand yuan; the "8656.com" of the starting price of 1 million 500 thousand yuan.

Hangzhou two well-known catering enterprises of the domain name "zhiw eiguan.com" (Hangzhou), "waipojia.com" (grandmother), are starting to 15 thousand yuan.

however, after the official start of the auction, the reporter saw, can accommodate more than and 300 people sitting at the venue of less than 100 people. From the beginning of lot 005 "haiou.com", there have been a lot because no one should price liupai. In the auction process, almost all the unsold expensive domain name, "815.cn", only one bidder should price 2 million 800 thousand yuan, due to not reach the reservation price liupai. The starting price of 1 million 500 thousand yuan of "8656.com", the starting price of 950 thousand yuan of "ChinaM ade.com" because no one should price liupai. Turnover is also much to upset.

nearly four hours of auction, the turnover rate of more than 370 domain names are less than 25%, turnover is only just broke through $3 million.

at the auction, the absolute child.Com and absolute child.Cn from 100 thousand yuan reserve price was called to $250 thousand, becoming the highest price of the day. With Hangzhou well-known catering brand "grandma" sounds like "waipojia.com", after several rounds of bidding, to 180 thousand yuan turnover.

Internet domain name is called "twenty-first Century new intangible assets", the new registered domain names for sale is a new a way of earning money. From the authoritative department statistics, in 2006 China’s domain name market size of 410 million yuan, is expected this year, China’s domain name market size of up to $700 million.

huge market brings a hot investment in the domain name economy. "Short but contains a huge business opportunity is the first choice of the domain name registration, meaningful and special meaning of the domain value will be higher." One client said that the industry has unlimited potential.

it is reported that a 90 thousand yuan turnover of the domain name, registered investment of only 1 yuan, benefiting nearly 90000 times.

an Internet practitioners believe that the domain name is only a temporary physical assets in the future may be eliminated. And the auction has been to some lawyers and some enterprises was registered against, because "the auction will add domain >