Less than half of WAL-MART’s total online shopping store

September 8th news, according to 247wallst website reported that, according to market research firm comScore data, the retail giant WAL-MART (Walmart) online store access to less than half of the total amount of Amazon.

although WAL-MART repeatedly revised or on-line its Walmart.com site, but still can not catch up with the Amazon, at least on the total amount of access. In fact, less than half of Walmart.com’s visit to the Amazon, WAL-MART e-commerce business shows that there are many problems.

According to

comScore data, in July this year, Amazon has 95 million 400 thousand desktop unique visitors in the United States, WAL-MART’s data is 34 million 100 thousand, if you count worldwide or mobile devices, the gap between the two sides will further widen. But all of Amazon’s revenue comes from e-commerce. WAL-MART’s public documents show that less than 5% of its $420 billion in annual sales from online business.

but WAL-MART’s management is very aware of the importance of Internet sales, its same store sales in the United States has declined, while at the same time, the two quarter of last year’s sales growth of more than 20%, and no signs of slowing down. Although Amazon’s low margin has been criticized, but its overall expansion rate is nothing to blame.

face Amazon, WAL-MART has many disadvantages. First of all, it may not be able to provide consumers with some of the most popular goods or services. WAL-MART does not have a product such as Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, which is one of the best-selling products on Amazon, Amazon has found a foothold in the tablet and smartphone market.

Amazon in the online streaming service performance is also very strong. Its Prime members bundled free streaming services, expanding the share of this service. Its Amazon TV competition with Apple’s products, homemade TV shows on the NetFlix threat. With the gradual replacement of traditional media streaming network, Amazon has set aside a title for the industry to compete for the championship.

Amazon has actually pointed out the way for WAL-MART, with the trend, there are more users need goods and services. If WAL-MART has not yet realized this, Walmart.com has been lagging behind blame anyone. (Ke Shan)


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