How successful e-commerce sites are created

Buffett has described the origin of their wealth — must have a core group of users in his autobiography, their relationship is not too far away, there should be some sticky, like wet snow, stick into the group to snowball. Has just changed its name to everyone’s campus network, its initial success seems to benefit from this insight, the user focused on College students.

Why didn’t

good Windows NT defeated several other techniques are better than it? Microsoft’s explanation is that the money and never mind, because Windows NT "someone behind planned and organized in steps, a piece of the puzzle".

cited above two representative examples, we just want to explain that the Internet, the user experience is very important, there are plans to link the link to a good user experience is the key to the world. After all, in the electronic commerce website before success, it is also a platform of products, users can directly judge it is good, not pro cordial, service is not in place, and these will affect the evaluation of e-commerce sales.

so, we believe and really see, any successful and excellent site, are very focused on the user experience. Famous e-commerce intelligent application platform service experts, Hongkong ocean technology website user experience for many years, they believe that the common e-commerce site user experience is mainly reflected in:

1, site access speed: if the user spends a long time can not open the site, the consequences can be imagined, the user will be closed directly to find the next target site.

2, the site is safe: the user is prompted to open the site, oil Trojan invasion, or site frequently attacked, then the user will never again have to say second visits, user security is extremely cautious and careful.

3, website design: if the user on the site for a long time can not find what you want to buy and experience greatly inconvenient, the user is not interested in your product and good impression, do not test the patience of the user.

recently, Tencent founder Ma Huateng in the training of internal product manager, a note was disclosed by a blog. Which he said in the opening, the Internet of similar products, competition, only to seize the hearts of users can continue to go on. How to seize the user’s heart? Ma Huateng has a stupid way: "found that the lack of products, the most simple way is to use the product every day. Go and see, go to the forum, blog, subscribe. When the product line for three months every day, the problem is limited, one day to find a solution to the fall, so slowly has begun to approach your reputation is a very good node."

this method is similar to Shi Yuzhu. The Internet is not he who do a gaming company, could quickly A new force suddenly rises. reason is that every day, he would spend hours playing games and game player bulkhead, chat, then find out the product defects.

no chance of success

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