Tmall is awesome! Genuine insurance false one compensate four reparations to the account within 1 we

news November 4th, double 11 Eve, Tmall and Chinese ant payment service, insurance, casualty insurance insurance company launched the "Tmall genuine insurance", "Tmall quality insurance and a series of inclusive insurance project, if consumers to buy fake goods in the Tmall platform, will obtain unconditional return refund support. And you can get 4 times compensation.


is awesome! "Genuine risks" fake a compensable four claims within 1 weeks of arrival

this is Tmall launched in 2012, return shipping insurance, once again upgrade consumer protection.

According to

, "authentic guarantee insurance" is a series of insurance in the launch of the most heavy items, consumers retreat one lose four guarantee that if consumers to buy fake goods in the Tmall platform, not only will the unconditional return refund for support, and can have come from people’s insurance compensation, compensation the amount of actual consumers pay 4 times of commodity prices.

currently has thousands of domestic and foreign brands and Alibaba group reached to combat fake cooperation, including Nike (Nike), Adidas (Adidas), Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon), Samsung (Samsung), millet, Panasonic (Matsushita), Siemens (SIEMENS) etc..

The detection of

brands, the results will truly return to Tmall, Tmall will be based on the platform rules for illegal businesses to make the punishment: selling behavior verified businesses, in addition to deduct the deposit, will also make the closed shop and delisting and a series of strict punishment for businesses involved.

in addition, Tmall also launched the "peace cooperation with Tmall quality risks, Tmall businesses can choose whether to insure their goods. Consumers buy goods have been insured, if you suspect that the description of the goods do not conform to the quality of the goods, the merchant can be shipped within 30 days after the online application for the identification of the company’s products to identify the third party material.

The identification results of

to prove the existence of product quality problems, according to the "product quality guarantee insurance business compensation agreement" provisions of the commitment to consumers, consumers can get compensation. From the inspection agencies to receive the goods to the insurance company to complete the payment, the entire process is completed in about 1 weeks.

for detection confirmed the quality of the goods, if the goods do not affect the subsequent use of the detection mechanism, will return the merchandise to consumers; if the goods follow-up can not be used, the insurance company will according to the payment of 90% (the maximum not more than 10 thousand yuan of cash compensation to consumers).

it is understood that the "quality guarantee insurance" after the line will be promoted in several categories of leather bags, shoes and other platforms, the volume produced in Tmall, Taobao’s total breakthrough 30 million single.

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