Big brother conspiracy nternet plus opportunity

world Fangfei April day, it is time for business collusion. Last weekend, 2015 Chinese (Yiwu) Electronic Commerce World Expo successfully held the first world micro business conference, Qingyan Liu village, 2015 Carnival China (Yiwu) electronic commerce talent festival held simultaneously, attracted a total of 1031 companies from the United States, Britain, Russia, South Korea and other 10 countries and 18 provinces and cities in China the exhibition, held 35 keynote speeches, 3 peak dialogue.

these "brainstorming" not only contributed a feast of industry open up a fresh outlook for electricity suppliers practitioners, but also further enhance the influence of Yiwu electricity supplier in the field of city.


Yiwu electricity supplier should broaden international horizons

era of big data, how can Yiwu become a world-class commodity sales center? In the Expo Highlights – 2015 Chinese (Yiwu) world e-commerce conference, domestic and foreign well-known business chiefs have led the keynote speech topic is "how to use the opportunity of the electricity supplier in Yiwu continue to go beyond their own".

vice president of Alibaba car products feel that the most critical is the integration of data. In the opinion of vice president Su ningyun group Li Bin, "the Internet is not a model, it is an essential tool, like air and water, is penetrated into all walks of life to go." Jingdong group vice president Zhang Jianshe from the "Internet plus" thinking of analysis: "our labor advantage is gradually fading; secondly, the Internet retail amount we overtook the us to become the world’s largest online retail market, and the technology innovation is not fully catch up with the developed countries. Therefore, the pursuit of technology, the cultivation of outstanding personnel, such as Yiwu county level city, more urgent."

With the "

Belt and Road Initiative" into the national strategy, meaning the new Europe central trains successfully put into use in 8 countries in Europe, America and other Chinese and trade will be more closely. In the "Chinese and foreign business summit dialogue session, Chile Mercantil founder James Brierley believes that local service providers can more accurately capture the consumer psychology, to develop foreign trade business Chinese electricity supplier practitioners rely on the local platform, can consider the local electricity supplier service providers in South america.

Singapore Lazada CEO Alimone Ripa Di Meana said, "in the southeast, electricity only accounted for the entire retail market for 0.6%~0.7%," he called Chinese quality sellers need to pay close attention to the great potential and business opportunities in Southeast Asia exist, "seize the trend of the development of the electricity supplier in Southeast asia."


online and offline integration to develop

Expo, Yiwu International Expo Center as the main exhibition area, become the most popular place to go. To the user experience as the fundamental demands of all kinds of creative products: a superb collection of beautiful things many patents Straw >

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