Liquor industry needs millet thinking

in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet Chinese success and Internet companies made outside the industry raised a lot of attention, and people talk about "Internet thinking" is regarded as the inevitable logic behind the success of the Internet giant, in many successful cases of Internet products, millet mobile phone "has become one of the best." millet thinking is also logical to become the object of research in the industry.


Li Wanqiang, millet technology co-founder and vice president of Chinese wine dished out in 2014 on the forum if millet wine "three in one" theory (i.e.: only a wine, earn a dollar a year, sold one hundred million bottles) has caused a great disturbance in the liquor industry, although there is no lack of brewmaster network Hao Hongfeng and other chiefs, but led to more people in the industry questioned, because the millet mode is its success, but after all, electronic products and traditional products from liquor in the liquor industry, millet mode can not be successfully transplanted.

in my view, the fundamental contradiction between these two views not only lies in the difference between "electronic products" and "liquor products", which is the difference between the two kinds of thinking: one is the typical operation of Internet products thinking, focus, extreme, reputation, is the core of a bear; too many historical burden, traditional thinking too rely on traditional channels of industry, heavy light channels, customers, sales and service light, heavy, light is a true portrayal of the culture. The two modes of thinking in their respective ecological environment of the intersection, there is their own rationality. If you do not encounter the inflection point of the liquor industry, if not the Internet electricity supplier to invade the traditional industries, two kinds of thinking will not happen so fierce collision.

I believe that Li’s so-called "just do a wine, earn only a dollar, one hundred million bottles per year," the speech is just a way of thinking rather than a specific operation steps. As the master manipulator, if he really do wine, not the afterlife kezhouqiujian like take the operation mode of millet wine who need not move rigidly, and grabbed a little fuss.

A fact

today’s liquor industry had to face is the liquor industry, the environment has changed now, is no longer a closed ecological environment. This is the Internet era, is lying in the gun era, you can not tell where your competitors will come from. The oil is not rival Sinopec, but Tesla; China Telecom competitors are not Chinese Unicom, but Tencent; competitors are not even radio television and newspapers, but the taxi software! The traditional liquor business competitors may really not a liquor brand, but as millet like Internet companies.

driven by the Internet, the boundaries between the industry and the industry is not obvious. It’s hard to say the brewmaster network was a traditional liquor dealers, while the wine network is more like a Internet Co.

Internet industry open and fast iteration is the traditional liquor industry can not imagine, and this can not imagine the opening and iteration is to attack the liquor industry

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