Network network of anti kitchen story hand P open big screen seckill

news October 26th, LETV big screen purchase recently pushed the quality masterpiece "kitchen story", it is reported that this call overbearing president, business chiefs and the media elite from all walks of life come to the big coffee competition culinary delicacy activities in Beijing today "under the living room was officially opened. Consumer sub ecological network network as its music and music, articles Bo little black dress, and a variety of quality wines rose into the big coffee chefs in the kitchen, a common interpretation of the quality of life.


network network equipped with large screen LETV purchase program "kitchen" the story of

after super TV "captured" the living room, and kitchen LETV will target. It is understood that the music as a super TV big screen purchase will be synchronized at 11 to 14 points today to open the big screen spike purchase". Network network’s great music Wine Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Red, great music Wine Henry Gio Ho tribute dry champagne, dry rose Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine variety star single product, will be as low as 40 percent off sincerity price battle seckill surprise.

In front of the

in these often large coffee Chef "in the kitchen, ecological ingredients will be cooking into what kind of creative cuisine? As the essential elements of quality of life, Wine will have a large coffee cooking delicacy is the ultimate" secret weapon "? A delicacy in wine and wonderful kitchen story we should look forward to.


network network fire rose, Botero, Henry Gio Ho, Wine champagne appeared "little kitchen story"

It is reported that

, live music network network Wine chief product officer Jinyang teacher will be coming out under the living room ". Today, the site tells the story of wine and delicacy, interpretation of the perfect two and the quality of life of the fusion. You can imagine, when fried steak collocation of organic Wine music Botai Cabernet Sauvignon, Kung Pao, tempura met Le Shrimp balls Botai Chardonnay, sauna squid rolls borscht and senior partner Henry Gio Ho will be waiting for the taste of the champagne, a wonderful journey to


network network equipped with the "kitchen story", the wine quality and wine knowledge with synchronous screen is considered through purchase seckill, delicacy, entertainment, shopping and other diversified scenes, to open a new scene of the big screen shopping experience mode. Leveraging the large screen LETV ecological network network easily create a high-quality, the temperature of the shopping experience, has staged a wonderful ecological drama.

network network to enter the field of consumption is not a whim, it is reported that in September this year officially landed three new board of capital market, network network opens a new round of "happy life" strategy to upgrade deployment. The future will be based on the deep ecological life of wine, food and beverage, to high-quality water, fresh category expansion. And will continue to strengthen the IP strategy, build IP product matrix, enhance brand premium. With the music, as the child’s ecology to expand the multi dimensional break the boundaries of the anti breaking product boundaries, geographical boundaries, the realization of the global upstream supply chain resources >

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