Where the customer’s wind up into the city express business

business continued to burn into logistics in order to achieve competitive differentiation

newspaper news (reporter Suo Dongdong) experienced layoffs last year withdrawal station and a series of adjustment after the action, Eslite’s wind up delivery began to further expand the express delivery business. As recently as the wind has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities in the first tier cities throughout the territory without blind courier business, individual companies can enjoy the price of 8 yuan per kilogram to enjoy the city’s distribution services, to achieve home pickup business.

and Jingdong such as suning.com mall, including first-line business enterprise is sustained in the logistics of "burning" investment in product, price and other aspects of the difference is not the case, through the distribution of customer service and other services to achieve competitive differentiation, strive for more orders.

layoffs adjusted to the city business

as a business enterprise Eslite’s wholly owned distribution company built, due to the high cost of logistics enterprises, shrinking orders and other reasons, where the customer in order to achieve profitability as soon as possible, last year to wind up delivery of layoffs withdrawal station and a series of adjustment action. We said, the future first-tier cities will continue to strengthen the construction of logistics, and in the two or three line of the city is cooperation with third party logistics.

recently we began to expand the first-tier cities north of Guangzhou city courier service. In this regard, we said that the opening of Shanghai, Guangzhou city business year wind up internal adjustment and optimization is established successfully based on information technology. Now in addition to the completion of the task of the enterprise and customer cooperation, and then wind up support 3~5 first-tier cities the city business is no problem.

as early as last year, as the wind has been involved in the courier headquarters in Beijing pure courier business. In September last year, Beijing wind Express Co., Ltd. to apply for domestic express delivery business, the operating area of publicity for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Changsha and Wuhan. The future does not rule out the company to develop more business in the city market.

continue to invest in logistics competition

Last year,

and commercial enterprises have to apply for the express license, high-profile self logistics, the self logistics business enterprise differentiation phenomenon, in order to enhance the user experience, talent shows itself in the homogenization of the price war, a business enterprise is in the continuous flow of "burning" investment, to further enhance the speed of delivery for consumers. Part of the business enterprise is to enhance logistics efficiency by optimizing the storage means.

recently, suning.com Guangzhou logistics base project has been built and put into use. Suning.com said the Guangzhou logistics base as Suning in the Southern China region of the first B2C small logistics base, built at least can save about half the cost of logistics after the opening. Its distribution area radiation Guangzhou and the surrounding 150 km range. Jingdong recently launched in some cities, speed up service, the courier delivery interval shortened to 3 hours.

analysis pointed out that in the case of products, prices and other aspects of differentiation is not large, the electricity supplier

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