The rise of social power, there will be a war horse

Ma Huateng, Ma

Ali and Tencent as the electrical junction business and service of the two giant, once the corner, Each one minds his own business. Now each other by mutual attack.

Tencent to rely on WeChat, the force of micro electricity supplier, stake in Jingdong, the integration of electricity supplier resources; Ali push from the layout of social. Regardless of the future, when victory? But this is enough to show that the future between social and electric contact would increasingly tight, difficult segmentation.

now staking moment, who dare not relax. The future of the electricity supplier, it will not be independent of social, social networking may become the downstream. If people’s shopping patterns or habits really dominated by social networking, then simply do not have social networking platform will become dangerous.

so why the future will become the mainstream of social power? — because of social electricity supplier and timing.

days: all humans online


mobile is sweeping the world, communication has no obstacle whenever and wherever possible, the Internet to weave a large network, realizes between the two direct connection between people, communication efficiency increases.

location: a variety of electronic business platform and emerge in an endless stream of social applications, to meet the basic needs of people in social or shopping unilaterally.

man and cluster effect

through a variety of social platforms, people have gradually built a variety of different circles, the circle of strangers, acquaintances circle, as well as between the two. The establishment of the circle, for mutual communication, interaction, sharing provides the basis for the future of the electricity supplier applications, clustering effect can be based on this infinite diffusion.

With the social order that the electricity supplier

electricity supplier development, there are two trends:

1, from material oriented to people-oriented:

Traditional electricity supplier

, including today’s mainstream business platform, is still the main ideas in the article based on the commodity itself, such as a shop, a detailed description of the product cool, a little etc.. Even in the hype has been accurate marketing, personalized push, etc. in fact, do or do not much.

2, from the need for shopping to follow the shopping:

in general, because of the need to shop for just need, customers have clearly know what to buy. The next stage, with the presence of social, there may be more unknown uncertain needs, need to be guided by social or trigger, resulting in a casual shopping. In the social network through a single key, you can complete the instant shopping. So, it makes the electricity supplier to become the next link in shopping. Because of the social order that the electricity supplier can rely on.

in the future, social networking for the electricity supplier will become extremely important, is based on the following analysis of the shopping needs:

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